5 Reasons To Choose Axinom CMS: Aerospace Industry

5 Reasons To Choose Axinom CMS: Aerospace Industry

Axinom CMS serves as a Content Management System for various industries and use cases. In this article, we cover the most common reasons why service providers choose Axinom CMS for their projects:

1. Designed to manage all types of digital assets

Axinom CMS is based on Axinom’s innovative workflow engine which ensures secure and scalable handling of all types of content items and services while supporting delivery to different client platforms.

Through one single user interface, you can manage different types of media content (video, audio, games, etc.), but also ads, customer data, products, payments, statistics, fleets, software updates, etc. and package the content into content sets to be delivered to any kind of platform. Axinom CMS supports delivery to different client platforms, such as Web browser and mobile applications for smartphones and tablets on all client OS platforms, including Windows, iOS, and Android.

2. Supports Hollywood Studio Content

An important part of modern in-flight entertainment systems is the capability to bring passengers the biggest blockbuster movies and highest rated TV shows on-board. Axinom CMS is carefully designed to handle valuable Hollywood studio content. The whole chain from content providers up to passengers’ devices ensures the highest security of the content.

To provide the highest level of protection and security, Axinom DRM is supported out-of-the-box: http://drm.axinom.com

3. Manages content sets and content rules for an entire fleet

The concept of content sets is one of Axinom CMS´s main features. With this feature, you can create packages of content – which can contain all kinds of content types – and to target them to the specific client platform. Accordingly, you can create content rules based on a variety of meta data parameters such as passenger class, validity period, flight length, destination, etc. Once created, content rules allow you to control the accessibility of your content for the entire fleet.

Axinom CMS Aerospace Industry

4. Highly automated workflows and fast content updates

Axinom CMS combines automated and manual processes depending on your specific requirements. Automated workflows for ingestion, transcoding, encryption, packaging, and publishing of content ensure high efficiency and fast task-handling.
With Axinom VIP (Video Ingest and Processing), you can rely on comprehensive abilities to manage and optimize encoding and transcoding workflows on-premise and in the cloud, thus delivering the best movies faster and more easily to the passengers. Axinom VIP can be integrated into existing workflows with VIP on-premises or rely fully on managed VIP cloud deployment.


5. Proven track record in various industries

Backed by more than a decade of experience in content management, we provide a powerful content management system for developing modern wireless, in-seat and portable in-flight entertainment systems. Today, we are a well-known provider of in-flight entertainment and on-board entertainment solutions in the Aerospace as well as Railway industry. Axinom CMS offers scalability, customization, and workflow automation in every step of the development process.

In order to transfer data fast, securely, and reliably in any environment, e.g. on-board servers, we developed Axinom CDS (Content Delivery System) which is supported out-of-the-box. The system allows you to synchronize content sets and content set updates via mass storage devices, Wifi, 3G, 4G, or satellite.


What is next?

This article describes just a few highlights of Axinom CMS. To discover its full capabilities, start the free trial today – no strings attached.


If you have any further questions, we would be happy to answer them. Contact Aleksandra Sosun: sosun@axinom.com


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