5 Reasons To Choose Axinom CMS For Media Projects

5 Reasons To Choose Axinom CMS For Media Projects

Axinom CMS is a fully customizable and extensible content management system. The new Media Template for Axinom CMS provides sample workflows and is designed to manage digital assets and meta data for SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, and Live scenarios.

Here are five reasons to choose Axinom CMS for your next media project:

1. Customizable, flexible and extensible

Axinom CMS is a fully customizable and extensible content management system supporting individual business requirements in customer projects. It serves as a management backend for a wide range of frontend client applications. The system is delivered with a set of sample workflows for most important OTT scenarios. However, you can adjust existing and create new workflows easily.

Additionally, Axinom CMS is not limited to management of videos and meta data, it supports customised workflows for any content type (audio, magazines, subscribers, shop items, etc.) allowing you to manage your entire content portfolio in one single interface.

2. Template workflows provided in source code

We place a lot of importance on our customer´s individual needs. To make sure that you can develop on top of the product, and create the solution you want, Axinom CMS is delivered with sample workflows provided in source code and with a comprehensive developer guide. This way, as a service provider, development company, or a media agency, you can use Axinom CMS for your own custom projects.

A special benefit is that Axinom CMS can be easily integrated as backend system with your own frontend applications and your own services.


3. Interoperable with 3rd party services

Axinom CMS has automated workflows for content processing (ingestion, transcoding, encryption, packaging and publishing). This way you can automate almost everything in the system. The workflows can be easily integrated with any preferred 3rd party service and existing infrastructure. Plus, you can integrate Axinom CMS with Axinom Digital Rights Management (DRM) service, and Axinom Video Encoding Service (VES) ensuring the perfect setup for Premium studio content.

Axinom CMS can run in the cloud and on-premises. The choice of the perfect combination is up to you.

4. Intuitive role-based UI & UX

Axinom CMS´s intuitive and user-friendly interface gives you a quick start without lots of training efforts. It allows fast task-handling and guides you through the workflow so you can focus on tasks that matter most to you.

Uncluttered and clean, it shows only what needs to be shown, with no bulking.

The user-based interface allows you to grant access to both internal and external operators.

5. Manage any kind of digital content

Axinom CMS offers a convenient way to manage different types of media content (video, audio, games, etc.) as well as further content types like payments, users, advertisements, shop items, and much more. The system manages all kind of digital assets in one single interface.
You can choose content types that are relevant to your business, fine-tune all of them based on your needs, or tailor the system to each customer’s individual requirements.

What is next ?

This article describes just a few highlights of Axinom CMS. To discover its full capabilities, start the free trial today – no strings attached.

Discover more about Axinom CMS, adjust it to your specific needs and ultimately enjoy the benefits – low implementation costs, a short time to market, and cutting edge technologies.


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