Empower your team to serve the billions of users.

Do you feel challenged to change the world for the better? Our international software teams deliver global scale software projects for the aviation, and media and entertainment industries. We’re challenged daily by the latest innovative technologies, puzzling customer demands and tough deadlines. Nobody says that the job is easy. But challenging, exciting and rewarding.

Our team is growing and we are looking for a lead developer to join us and face the challenge together with us. How about you?


  • Understanding client requirements, leading specifications, use case analysis, project documentation
  • Designing of project architecture, domain model, data structure (DB, NoSQL, etc.)
  • Managing and supporting developer and tester teams, composing of iteration plan, reporting to customers and management
  • Managing project, tasks and bugs using Team Foundation Server
  • Being responsible for the project technical solution and its matching to timeline and budget


  • Perfect knowledge of object oriented programming, databases and application architecture,
  • Strong experience with C# or Java
  • At least 2 years of project or developer leader experience
  • Good English language, both written and spoken
  • Personal skills: analytical thinking, ability and will to be the team leader, wish to learn and develop, good communication skills

The Sky’s the limit

when you’re in the cloud.

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  • Knowledge of media industry specifics – video encoding, different video formats, video delivery over the internet, encryption algorithms
  • High education in IT
  • German language


  • Career opportunities, individual approach, competitive salary, comfortable working environment
  • Training courses and exams
  • Participating in international projects
  • Participating in local and international events organized by company

Your contact


If interested in working in Tallinn, please send your application to:



If interested in working in Tartu, please send your application to: