Meet us at Aerospace Technology Week – 2019

Booth C62, MOC Event Center, Munich, Germany

Meet us at Aerospace Technology Week – 2019
22.02.2019 Zaif Khan

Digital Solutions for Connected Aircraft

In modern commercial aviation the increased availability of affordable connectivity is paving the way for the next-generation of flight and cabin operations, but:

  • How can the industry utilize these connectivity options to the fullest to upload and offload data from the many services and apps on a connected aircraft?
  • How can solutions based on the modern digital architecture of containerized micro-services benefit the aviation industry?
  • How to achieve automatic deployment of services and reduce the cycle times?
  • How to automate the selection of delivery channels based on the criticality, content type, economics and bandwidth?
  • How to protect sensitive data during transfers?

Join us at the Aerospace Technology Week in our discussion on 12th March 2019, where Ralph Wagner, CEO, Axinom will discuss and explore how, through a digital content delivery solution, all these questions can be answered.

A solution that must fulfil the requirement of a seamless bi-directional transfer and synchronisation between on-ground and on-board servers using standardised communication protocols. He will also discuss the need to have containerized micro-services architecture. And, how such techniques provide the benefit of scalability and extensibility along with the needed resilience in the industry.

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