Meet us at AIX 2019

Stand 3D50, Hamburg Messe

Meet us at AIX 2019
19.03.2019 Zaif Khan

Digital Aerospace Solutions built on Axinom

Join us at the AIX 2019, Stand 3D50 from 2-4 April in Hamburg to learn more about Axinom’s digital solutions that are disrupting the aviation industry.

Digital Flight and Cabin Services

Axinom Services Platform is a digital service delivery, deployment and synchronization solution that enables quick and fast service delivery, while allowing the ever-growing amount of data across communication pipes. In contrast to the traditional methods, Axinom’s automated solution can drastically reduce delivery cycles and enable revenue generation through ancillary mediums.

Through our solution we facilitate of robust and secure data transfer, iterative updates, inter-connectivity, content synchronization, interruption management and much more.

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Director Aero Business Development