APEX Expo 2016: Digital Platforms Built On Axinom

Connect services, assets, crew and passengers with proven aerospace industry-specific architectures and technologies.

APEX Expo 2016: Digital Platforms Built On Axinom
19.10.2016 Damir Tomicic

Digital Platforms Built On Axinom

The future of the aerospace industry is about making your data more valuable, about expanding to platforms that may not be considered part of the entertainment ecosystem today: digital platforms connecting and organizing services on ground and on board of the aircraft.

Axinom is providing the core foundation of digital platform products to connect services, assets, crew members and passengers with proven aerospace industry-specific architectures and technologies.

We lead digital transformation and innovation in the aerospace industry by providing customers with an open platform that is extensible and adaptable to their needs.

Knowledge And Experience

Based on Axinom CMS, an extensible content management system designed to cover the full end-to-end media workflow, Axinom is building digital platforms for management of existing wireless and in-seat IFE systems since several years for clients around the world. Axinom’s platform approach supports both cloud based and on premises IT infrastructures for a wide set of connected and disconnected management and delivery scenarios (e.g. on board of an aircraft).


Encoding As A Service

The diversity of client devices capable of playing streaming videos has seen a sharp increase, including a variety of mobile devices and laptops. Not surprisingly, video streaming that once meant playing a fixed quality video on a desktop now requires adaptive bit rate (ABR) streaming techniques. With digital platforms built on Axinom customers rely on comprehensive abilities to manage and optimise encoding and transcoding workflows on premise and in the cloud for various entertainment providers.


Studio-Grade DRM Protected Content Stores

The path to premium video content fresh from theaters provided by Hollywood studios and streamed to devices on flights features a set of stringent requirements in relation to data security in order to safeguard content copyright. Axinom works since years very closely with leading Hollywood studios to build secure content stores for premium video content stored on-premises data centres and in the cloud.

Axinom DRM is highly scalable multi-DRM service. It is the first multi-DRM product that can operate in a disconnected fashion enabling premium video on board of more than a hundred aircraft in the world today. It supports leading DRM technologies on laptops and mobile devices. Axinom is providing access to best of breed free secure players for Microsoft Windows and Apple OSX/macOS and the majority of popular client devices – tablets, mobile phones, game consoles and Smart TVs.


Second Screen And Payment Gateways

Axinom is building second screen applications (companion apps) which allow passengers to control their seatback IFE monitor using the in-flight Wi-Fi network onboard the aircraft.

As a PCI compliant software vendor, Axinom is building mobile applications connected to payment gateways allowing e-commerce transaction in online and offline scenarios on board of the aircraft.



Content Synchronization And Delivery

Today’s services  in an aircraft have several challenges. Networks can be slow and unreliable, bandwidth can be changing or costly, data can be personal and critical. A world with ubiquitous connectivity will never exist. Traffic quotas, allocated bandwidth, availability of connectivity, storage space, computational power, data security, privacy and many other resources and requirements cannot be taken for granted.

Axinom provides digital platforms with foundational data management services on top of the communication layer enabling the creation of new and extension of existing services.

Axinom CDS is built to transfer data fast, securely, and reliably in any environment, e.g. on-board servers and devices exchanging entertainment content and services with the management platform in the cloud. Axinom CDS is your robust solution that magically manages all aspects, including utilizing different pipes (LAN, WiFi, 3G, LTE, satellite networks), managing interruptions, prioritizing important data, and controlling data transfer cost.