Join Axinom at APEX Expo 2017


Join Axinom at APEX Expo 2017, September 25-28, Long Beach

As a proud member of APEX (Airline Passenger Experience Association), Axinom will be attending this year’s Expo which is taking place in Long Beach from the 26th to 28th of September.


Thousands of aviation professionals from the Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX) representing more than 100 airlines and over 150 vendors – all committed to improving the airline passenger experience – will be in attendance at the APEX EXPO, the only event exclusive to experts and decision-makers committed to elevating the level of the airline passenger experience from around the world.

Join us at booth #135, September 26-28, Long Beach


As a software solution provider focusing on the next generation of in-flight entertainment, infotainment, and connectivity, we’d like to kindly invite you to our booth and share our insights on new technologies and industry developments.

It is your chance to transform and optimise your existing business processes and create new while providing more and better services in the future.

Get in touch with Agnieszka Rivollet and arrange your meeting at the time that suits you best.



We empower you to create, manage, and maintain the next generation of digital platforms and to deliver immersive passenger experiences on board.

Axinom at APEX
Agnieszka Rivollet

Agnieszka Rivollet

Business Development

Content Management For Wireless, In-Seat and Portable IFE Systems

Based on Axinom CMS, an extensible content management system designed to cover the full end-to-end media workflow, Axinom is building digital platforms for management of existing wireless and in-seat IFE systems, as well as for portable on-board servers since several years for clients around the world.  Today, we are a well-known provider of in-flight entertainment and on-board entertainment solutions in the Aerospace as well as Railway industry. Axinom CMS offers scalability, customization, and workflow automation in every step of the development process.

Axinom CMS is the winner in “Streaming Media European Readers’ Choice Awards” for two years in a row.

Studio-Grade DRM Protected Content Stores

An important part of modern in-flight entertainment systems is the capability to bring passengers the biggest blockbuster movies and highest rated TV shows on-board. Axinom works since years very closely with leading Hollywood studios to build secure content stores for premium video content stored on-premises data centres and in the cloud.
Axinom DRM, a highly scalable multi-DRM service is the first on the market that can operate in a disconnected fashion enabling premium video on board of more than a hundred aircraft in the world today. It supports leading digital rights management technologies (Microsoft PlayReady, Google Widevine, and Apple FairPlay Streaming), enabling customers to target a wide range of platforms with a single service.

Content Synchronization And Delivery

In order to transfer data fast, securely, and reliably in any environment, e.g. on-board servers, we developed Axinom CDS (Content Delivery System) that allows secure and robust bidirectional content synhronization. It’s a first full-featured synchronization solution in the worldwide aerospace market that enables both fully automatized and disconnected synchronization scenarios. The system securely delivers the content package (containing any type of digital content) from the on-ground server to the on-board server of the aircraft.

It is capable of handling various aspects that are important during this process: CDS compares the content set with previous versions and delivers only the updates. This approach significantly reduces the time needed for content synchronization. Axinom CDS is a crucial piece in the chain of services enabling customers to perform zero-touch software updates on-board.

Premium Content Updates In A Matter Of Hours

With Axinom VIP (Video Ingest and Processing), as a brand new software component in the concept of digital platforms built on Axinom, customers rely on comprehensive abilities to manage and optimise encoding and transcoding workflows on-premise and in the cloud.  Axinom VIP aimes to bring a faster content approval by content providers, speed up the content updates, significantly reduce technical challenges related to content preparation and distribution, and allow faster time to market with reduced costs. It allows content providers to update their premium content in a matter of hours with reduced costs. Customers can integrate VIP into their existing workflows with VIP on-premises or rely fully on managed VIP cloud deployment to get premium content faster, safer and easier into their passenger’s hands.