How to avoid feature inflation with Axinom CMS?

How to avoid feature inflation with Axinom CMS?
13.05.2016 Sara Pepic

The greatest challenge of making a software usable is in avoiding a feature inflation. This term describes a situation where the user interface is packed with numerous features which remain unused at the end.

Over the lifecycle of any software important features need to be added. But by simply implementing all features requested by customers the software can become complicated and less user friendly. Unfortunately, this is mostly the case in real life. The majority of users already experienced software bloated with features and options, being unwieldily and complicated when it comes to user experience.


How Axinom CMS can help implementing individual requirements in customer projects?

Axinom CMS is a product driven by 15 years of content management experience, continuous market research and investigation in the future of user interfaces and user experience. We faced this challenge by finding the right balance between keeping the product simple and expanding the features over the course of time.

As a core component in the media end-to-end workflow, Axinom CMS manages any kind of digital content (audio, on-demand and live video streams, advertising, customer data, products, payment transactions, statistic and reporting data, fleets, software updates, etc.) in one single interface. Automated workflows for ingestion, transcoding, encryption, packaging, and publishing of content ensure high efficiency and fast task-handling.

One of the big advantages of Axinom CMS is that it can be easily integrated into existing environments and connected with 3rd party services, as well as with Axinom Digital Right Management (DRM) and Axinom Content Delivery System (CDS). The system supports both cloud based and on premise IT infrastructures for a wide set of usage scenarios.


How Axinom CMS can help avoiding feature inflation while implementing all requested customer requirements?

Axinom CMS allows partners (e.g. media agencies, services providers) and customers to build tailored OTT and TV Everywhere solutions by selecting the right set of features reflecting individual customer requirements, rather than forcing them to use a much larger monolithic content management system that includes 100% of the available features. Every single feature can be easily added or removed. This approach enables Axinom CMS to remain slim with a modern and UX optimised UI.

The user interface used in Axinom CMS follows the concept of single workflow steps, which can be easily defined and connected to a more complicated workflow. It is highly customisable and includes all elementary features needed to run an OTT service for SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, and Live video streaming scenarios.

What is Media Template for Axinom CMS ?

Media Template for Axinom CMS  is a custom-made and optimised media workflow for SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, and Live video streaming scenarios running on top of Axinom CMS. This workflow is pre-defined and provided in source code allowing partners and customers to easily adapt the solution to their individual requirements.