Axinom at APEX Expo 2018

Axinom at APEX Expo 2018
17.10.2018 Zaif Khan

Axinom at APEX Expo 2018

APEX Expo has always played a crucial role in bringing the whole aerospace and passenger experience (PaxEx) industry together. APEX not only introduces the latest developments and innovations in in-flight Entertainment and Connectivity (IFEC) solutions, but also the announcements of industry shaping deals and new collaborations, all of it in 4 energy packed days. This year’s APEX, held in Boston from 24-27 September, followed the same legacy.



Focus on connectivity and live media


Being connected has become extremely important for passengers and it has become inevitable for aerospace integrators and service providers to ignore this trend. Hence, the focus on connectivity is stronger than ever and this is very much visible at APEX. Axinom with its previous experience and expertise in connectivity and delivering live media on-board, hence, had a long line up of meetings at APEX with potential and current partners. The meetings centered around building a unified connectivity platform, where all the primary (CRM, entertainment) and third-party (hotel, shopping etc.) services can be accessed from the same connectivity platform. Axinom’s digital IFEC platform not only capable of integrating numerous third-party services, but also providing multitude of entertainment and infotainment options.

Another hot topic at APEX was the delivery of latest content on-board, which includes early window content, news and live TV, this has always been a challenge in the aerospace industry. There are numerous hurdles in delivering new content, ranging from preparation of the latest content to delivering it to the fleet across the globe. Axinom VIP (Video Ingest and Processing), Axinom CMS (Content Management System), Axinom IFS (In-Flight Services), Axinom DRM (Digital Rights Management) and Axinom CDS (Content Delivery Service) solves these issues of ingesting the content, packaging the content, DRM handling for media, and then synchronizing and delivering the content set to the airplanes along with consistent update/synchronization of dynamic content such as new, target advertisements etc.

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About APEX

The APEX EXPO is the industry’s largest PaxEx event exclusive to experts and decision-makers committed to elevating the level of the worldwide airline passenger experience. The four-day premier event features top-notch seminars led by industry experts, the latest and most comprehensive display of airline related technologies, products and services, and valuable networking opportunities.

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About Axinom

Axinom is the one of the leading digital IFEC solutions provider serving many of the world’s leading brands in the aerospace industry. Being a global and innovation-driven organization, Axinom has an aim to build reliable, scalable and robust systems that facilitate the delivery of media, connectivity and content across devices and borders.

Axinom provides tailor-made digital solutions built on Axinom’s products – Axinom VIP, Axinom CMS, Axinom DRM, Axinom CDS and Axinom IFS.

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