Axinom @ Career Day: University of Tartu, Computer Science Institute

Axinom @ Career Day: Institute of Computer Science, University of Tartu
12.03.2016 Sara Pepic

Institute of Computer Science of the University of Tartu hosted a successful Career Day on the 18th March 2016, with more than 25 IT – companies and over 100 visitors. Career Day is an event which aims to connect students studying information technologies with companies and entrepreneurs in the ICT sector.

This event continues to grow in real employment opportunities through the combined efforts of students, alumni, university and the Institute of Computer Science, and we were more than delighted to participate.

Axinom team at the event had a dedicated booth where we shared information about our company, job offerings and internships. The day was filled with short company presentations and conversations. Our Project Manager, Anna Liisa Leppik and Business Developer Jürgen Jogeva, shared their tips on how to manage both to work in Axinom and study at the University of Tartu at the same time!
Besides meeting our team, students had a chance to find out how to apply for open positions, who the positions are for and which qualifications are most desired. They could correspondingly get familiarized with Axinom and create direct connections with us, as well as hear a lot of arguments in favor of getting engineering, computer and other technical education.


Study and socialize in Axinom style

After presentations, many interested students visited Axinom study room, a meeting room at the Institute that resembles Axinom offices around the world. In the next 6 months students will be able to study, relax and socialize in a fully equipped, comfortable room.

We are honored to say that Axinom study room was visited by Mr. Jaak Vilo, the Head of Institute and many university professors.

“.. We have much enjoyed participating in this event, presenting our activities and meeting many students with outstanding academic careers, strong motivation, initiativity and great personalities.

These are the qualities we acknowledge and embrace in Axinom.”

Anna – Liisa Leppik, Axinom Project Manager