CES 2016: Axinom DRM 6 supports PlayReady 3.0

The New Era of Premium Content Protection

Axinom DRM 6 uses PlayReady 3.0
08.12.2015 Damir Tomicic

Increased availability of a broader range of consumer devices, featuring different hardware and OS versions, already caused a high demand for the content protection. As the media and entertainment industry moves beyond HD, introducing 4K/UHD and higher resolutions, robust security becomes even more important, especially for premium Hollywood content.

Microsoft’s ongoing commitment to secure, user-friendly protection of content and cross-platform capabilities inherently positions Microsoft PlayReady DRM as a key enabler for the media and entertainment industry. Customers using Axinom DRM 6 with PlayReady 3.0 support are empowered to license a wide range of 4K Hollywood premium content for a variety of consumer devices.

The Axinom service is designed as a secure, trusted platform that allows publishers to deliver an exceptional experience to their customers, ensuring protection with the highest degree of security available today. Robustness, high availability, performance, scalability, and ease of integration are the key areas where Axinom DRM 6 excels.

The service supports zero-downtime maintenance and a globally distributed cloud-deployment spanning several public cloud providers. Professional SLAs cover 24/7/365 support and guaranteed availability of up to 99.99%. Integrating with Axinom DRM Service is a matter of hours, not months, thanks to a full-featured, easily integrated service API.

Axinom provides players for a broad range of devices, including PC / Mac, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Xbox. Axinom’s OTT portfolio covers all aspects of PlayReady protected media delivery – from content ingest, preparation and distribution to consumption on client devices.

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