Axinom contributes open CPIX implementation to the community

We are actively taking part in defining, tuning, adapting and growing MPEG-DASH and leveraging its extended features to enable new applications and business use cases

Axinom contributes to the community
19.09.2016 Sara Pepic

Standardization in the content protection industry is rapidly increasing, with open specifications enabling products and services from different vendors to interoperate.

As a member of the DASH Industry Forum (DASH-IF), Axinom collaborates with industry partners to eliminate technical boundaries, enabling solution providers to focus on offering immediate business value.

Among the latest additions to the DASH-IF interoperability guidelines is the second edition of the Content Protection Information Exchange Format (CPIX), which specifies a standard mechanism for describing encryption parameters and DRM system signaling throughout the content life cycle, covering key generation, content packaging, key delivery and more.

As an associate member of MPEG DASH Industry Forum (DASH-IF), we aim to be actively engaged in the community and take part in the implementation of standards. To bring the advantages of a unified approach to all modern solutions, we are using our industry-leading experience and knowledge to define a next generation open and interoperable mechanism for connecting playback authorization decisions with DRM technologies.

Axinom Content Management System (CMS) uses CPIX as the preferred mechanism for communicating content keys even today, enabling smooth integration into solutions that tie together products from multiple vendors.

Axinom Digital Rights Management (DRM) service provides the maximum benefit for solutions that follow modern standards´ specifications, enabling wide platform coverage to be reached without significant additional costs.

Industry standards form the backbone of any interoperability and Axinom is proud to collaborate in defining these standards via the DASH Industry Forum (DASH-IF), Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX) and other organizations that bring together peers in the entertainment industry.

Participation in DASH-IF  provides the opportunity to collaborate with other industry leaders in developing new deployment scenarios and corresponding implementation guidelines for MPEG-DASH.

Open standards work best when complemented by open implementations


As such, Axinom team is contributing to the community an implementation of the CPIX specification which can provide immediate value in products and services that deal with content protection. Both the CPIX document format and the first public implementation are designed with extensibility and flexibility in mind, encouraging rapid uptake and enabling future evolution. To ensure interoperability with those creating their own CPIX implementations, we are also publishing a set of test vectors, enabling conformance to be mutually validated.

Accelerating adoption of content protection standards through collaboration


Together with industry partners, we have worked to ensure that the second edition of CPIX is able to serve a wide range of needs, enabling secure delivery of content keys protected by modern asymmetric cryptography, tamper-proof definition of content key usage rules, carriage of DRM system initialization signaling and enabling native support for key rotation. CPIX is designed to describe all common aspects of content protection for both on-demand and live media streams and is compatible with several modern delivery technologies such as DASH and HLS.

We believe in an open content protection ecosystem, as all industry participants benefit from using well-defined and interoperable technical interfaces between components, leading to more agile solutions that can be developed and enhanced flexibly over time.

Our products provide the maximum benefit for solutions that follow Common Encryption (CENC) and Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH) industry standards specifications, enabling wide platform coverage to be reached without significant additional costs. It is important to understand the foundation that premium video solutions should be built upon to take the maximum advantage of modern technologies. Axinom DRM´s infrastructure was among the first modern multi-DRM deployments in the world and the knowledge gained in its development ensured that a full-stack view of premium content solutions was always in sight during its technical evolution.

To fully understand our viewpoint and leverage modern and cost-effective methods in designing your own solution, take a look at our series of whitepapers published here.


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