Axinom in Profile: Jürgen Jõgeva

Axinom in Profile: Jürgen Jõgeva
08.01.2016 Sara Pepic

Jürgen Jõgeva

Role : Business Developer
Location : Tartu
Favorite City : Amsterdam
Favorite Smartphone : Whichever I currently have 😉



Something that never ceases to amaze you in your industry?

The reality of how much work and detail has to be put into a system which in the end just shows a video to the user. There is so much more behind the play button which you don’t see from outside.

Biggest challenge you’ve ever overcome at work?

Getting that sugar-rich coffee out of my keyboard.


“.. There’s no typical in Axinom,
prepare for unexpected! ..”

Legend: Jürgen at IBC 2015 in Amsterdam launching the brand new Axinom DRM 6 version. 

What does your typical workday look like?

It can be rather variable, but definitely there are calls with internal teams, answering some more technical questions from customers, approaching out to new opportunities. Quite a few mails get sent every day. Also a good lunch with colleagues is important for the team spirit. But there is no defined routine, sometimes I even design shirts for exhibitions or say a few words about how the summer event could look. There’s no typical in Axinom, prepare for unexpected!

The career path you considered but never followed?

My life is still in front of me and there is nothing stopping me from choosing some new path in the future, which can be also something I considered earlier and haven’t followed until now. But I once was pretty determined that being Santa would be awesome (Santa, if you read this, don’t worry, not coming after you – yet. Hope you got my wish list)!

You wouldn’t be where you are today without:

Being open to very different people and carefully listening to what they have to say.

Talent you wish you possessed?

Ability to guess next week’s lottery numbers.

Favorite book as a child?

The Mysterious Island by J. Verne.

Your favorite new technology?


What do you think the world will look like by 2025:

There likely will be no major breakthrough in next ten years which would change the world like electricity or internet. But for sure there will be good evolution e.g. in energy production (well, if they manage nuclear fusion in sizable form, that would be more than evolution) and almost every device in the world is finally connected, taking advantage of the internet and all the data in it. A lot of smaller news on every field, for sure.