Axinom is helping rail operators optimize customer relationships

Axinom is helping rail operators optimize customer relationships
30.05.2016 Sara Pepic

Connected passenger is no longer a ‘future trend’. For many companies it is now at the heart of their strategic and research agenda. Companies are combining advanced connectivity, cloud computing, intelligent algorithms and ‘internet of things’ (IoT) services to respond to this challenge.

Transport operators – seeking growth – look to respond to the challenges of an increasingly innovative personal device environment, where options are many and customer loyalty is at a premium. In such environment, modern on-board software platforms will enable transportation operators to deliver personalized services and customized solutions to their customers. On-board entertainment offerings in the transport environment do allow transport providers to differentiate and strategically add value to their transport product. Most operators recognize the importance of staying ahead of this game, and as a result are turning to solution providers such as Axinom, to develop future-proof on-board entertainment (OBE) solutions that are able to support this trend. This ensures that they are implementing OBE solutions that will deliver higher levels of satisfaction to their customers.


The technology is there, it just needs to be developed and tailored to suit the on-board environment

It can be quite a challenge for rail operators to craft an individualized customer experience, because customers, and their needs and desires, are continually evolving. The 21st century digitally empowered passengers want personalized communication, seamless planning, flawless execution, and an authentic, customized travel experience. There is arguably a necessity for transport providers to invest in on-board solutions which are cost-effective and sustainable, but this needs to be contrasted with providing passengers with the facilities to use their own entertainment devices.

How can rail operators achieve this?

Axinom product portfolio allows rail operators to interact seamlessly with their customers. We believe that technology solutions that will triumph in the multi-platform environment will be those that allow customers to quickly launch converged video services and to offer on-demand and live content to any device. One of the most important changes in today´s multi-platform environment is to focus on an end-to-end data management perspective. Modern user interfaces enable consistent user experiences across different channels and devices.


How can rail operators deepen passenger relationships with Axinom customized OBE solutions?

To answer this question and meet the challenges, we have created Axinom Content Management System (CMS), an extensible OTT development platform designed to cover the full end-to-end media workflow. It is a product driven by 15 years of content management experience, continuous market research and investigation in the future of user interfaces and user experience.

The user interface used in Axinom CMS follows the concept of single workflow steps, which can be easily defined and connected to a more complicated workflow. It is highly customizable and includes all elementary features needed to run an on-board entertainment service for SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, and Live video streaming scenarios.

One of the big advantages of Axinom CMS is that it can be easily integrated into existing environments and connected with 3rd party services, as well as with Axinom Digital Rights Management (DRM) and Axinom Content Delivery System (CDS). By deploying Axinom DRM, our customers make security an integral part of the whole on-board (entertainment) experience.



We are going a step further to understand our customer´s needs and use next-generation digital technologies to create and deliver value to the them in a form of an integrated, customized and innovative OBE solutions. With Axinom products, our customers can develop a complete solution for their needs and evolve their market offering.


For more information on how to differentiate and strategically add value to your OBE solution, contact and visit our website.

We will be present at Train Communications Systems 2016 Conference in London (8-9 June) where you can receive a hand-on experience of our products and discuss your requirements with our team.

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