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Axinom @APEX Expo 2018

At this year’s APEX Expo in Boston, we put a strong focus on the in-flight entertainment and connectivity solutions, highly tailored, highly customized based on the Axinom’s powerful software components. At our booth #849 you will have the chance to discover more about the use cases such as live TV, connectivity portals which can be merged with IFE in order to build an IFEC solution, and more. We’ll tell you more about Axinom’s innovative hybrid concept and the integrations we do in order to personalize the experience onboard. Book your meeting today by contacting Aleksandra Sosun ( See you soon in Boston!

Axinom @IBC Show 2018

What can you expect to learn at our booth #H14F17 at IBC (Amsterdam) this September? Ralph and Sara are talking about the new capabilities of global OTT platforms built on Axinom and how to achieve the transition from having several platforms running separately to having a single centralized platform operating on a global scale. If you’re looking to consolidate and align different business models, different interfaces integrate a number of payment systems to run either centralized or in parallel, you should schedule your personal meeting with us. Contact Rando Pikner at to schedule your appointment.


Axinom Digital Platforms: Aerospace Industry

Watch Ralph Wagner and Stefanie Schuster explain all the components needed to set up digital platforms for in-flight entertainment and connectivity and let them guide you through those different components and discover what is possible to extend as well. For more information reach out to Aleksandra Sosun ( and schedule your personal meeting at APEX EXPO in Boston today!

Axinom In-Flight Connectivity Platforms

In this video, Ralph Wagner and Stefanie Schuster explain Axinom’s in-flight connectivity platforms built on top of our components. Learn how to incorporate several connectivity options to the connectivity portal, as well as how to include IFE options such as streaming of video on demand content, live TV, on board shopping, merchandising, advertising, and more.



Axinom Digital Platforms: Media Industry

In this video, Ralph Wagner and Stefanie Schuster explain Axinom Digital Platforms for the media and entertainment industry. Built on Axinom’s product portfolio (Axinom CMS, Axinom DRM, Axinom BIS, Axinom VIP), we enable customers to launch their OTT and IPTV service offerings across all modern devices with unlimited scalability, and to serve millions of households around the globe with huge content libraries.

Axinom CDS  (Content Delivery System)


Learn about Axinom CDS, a content delivery system which allows customers to synchronize content between on-ground and on-board servers. The system is built to work in both directions for uploading and offloading data and to support different use case scenarios. Hear Ralph Wagner and Stefanie Schuster talk about the capabilities of Axinom CDS and customization that Axinom offers.


Axinom @NAB Show 2018

At the NAB Show 2018, Axinom will be showcasing the innovative technology necessary for setting up global OTT platforms and targeting users in any region, in any language and any device. At Axinom’s booth #SU10207CM, attendees will have the opportunity to hear about real world examples of the platforms that are targeting and engaging users worldwide across all modern devices with unlimited scalability.

Axinom @AIX 2018:

At Aircraft Interiors Expo 2018, Axinom will introduce a new solution for Live TV to Aircraft, based on a unique concept in the aviation market that provides a high-quality live streaming experience on-board of aircraft. Attendees will have the chance to hear about the new smart traffic management technology, and recent developments in Axinom’s portfolio for the aerospace industry .

Axinom @IBC Show 2017

Axinom CMS (Content Management System) enables customers to manage, convert, distribute and monetize digital assets, services, and metadata. Axinom DRM (Digital Rights Management) is a robust and highly scalable multi-DRM service in the cloud built on latest standards. Axinom CDS (Content Delivery System transfers data fast, securely, and reliably in any environment. Axinom VIP (Video Ingest and Processing) reduces technical challenges related to content preparation and distribution and ensures compatibility and good playback quality on many devices.

Axinom @APEX Expo 2017:

Based on Axinom´s core products (Axinom CMS, Axinom DRM, Axinom VIP, Axinom CDS), customers can create an open digital platform for in-flight entertainment, and offer full entertainment services to their passengers, such as streaming of premium Hollywood Studio´s movies, magazines, and music, on board shopping, promotions, and advertising. In addition, airlines and IFE service providers can choose to include passenger information services into their digital platform and cover passenger surveys and crew messaging services.

Axinom VIP @AIX 2017: Video Ingest and Processing

At this year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo, Axinom introduces Axinom VIP (Video Ingest and Processing), a new component in the Digital Platforms concept. VIP is a video ingest and processing aimed to bring a faster content approval by content providers, speed up the content updates, significantly reduce technical challenges related to content preparation and distribution, and allow faster time to market with reduced costs. It allows content providers to update their premium content in a matter of hours with reduced costs. Customers can integrate VIP into their existing workflows with VIP on-premises or rely fully on managed VIP cloud deployment to get premium content faster, safer and easier into their passenger’s hands. Visit Axinom booth #3D50

Axinom @NAB 2017

At this year´s NAB Show in Las Vegas, Axinom will showcase its product portfolio which serves as a powerful foundation for building the next generation of online video platforms and customer solutions for management and delivery of premium live and on-demand video. Axinom team will demonstrate all capabilities of Axinom Content Management System (Axinom CMS) which now comes powered by new workflows for subscription-, advertising-, transaction-based models, as well as for live streaming. In addition, visitors will hear more about Axinom´s multi-DRM service capable of delivering thousands of licence requests per second, with 99.99% requests served in less than 200 milliseconds (for customers that have over 10 million requests). Visit Axinom booth #SU9004

APEX Expo 2016: Digital Platforms

“Digital Platforms Built On Axinom”, a new concept that describes ways to connect services, assets and passengers with proven aerospace industry architectures and technologies. Built on top of Axinom’s product portfolio, digital platforms enable customers to establish new business models and transform their businesses processes. Booth #1451

InnoTrans 2016: Digital Platforms

Axinom is introducing “Digital Platforms Built On Axinom”, the new way to connect services, assets and passengers with proven railway industry architectures and technologies. The show takes place in Berlin, Germany from 20th to 23rd September and we are looking forward to seeing you at our booth #105 (Hall 2.1B).

IBC 2016: Axinom DRM – Cloud Deployment

Axinom Digital Rights Management is a pure multi DRM service in the cloud built on latest standards. It is built from the ground up to target multiple DRM technologies (Microsoft PlayReady, Google Widevine, Apple FairPlay) in a uniform manner, enabling customers to target a wide range of platforms and consumer devices like PCs and Macs, iPads, iPhones, Android devices, Windows Phones, as well as Smart TVs, set top boxes, and game consoles.

IBC 2016: Axinom CMS for the media industry

Axinom CMS is an extensible content management system designed specifically for partners and service providers to cover the full end-to-end OTT media workflow while ensuring efficient and robust handling of media content. Using Axinom CMS, customers can create, deliver, manage and maintain the next-generation of video services in a simplified, cost-effective and secure way.

Recap: Exhibitions in the first half of 2016

The first half of 2016 was very busy for us. We exhibited at AIX, NAB, SmartRail Europe, AircrafteEnablement, Traincomms and more! Our product Axinom CMS and Axinom DRM received a lot of attention, as we introduced new offerings and approached new industries. While we get ready for the second round of exhibitions, hear more about Axinom´s new plans and upcoming exhibitions in 2016 from this video.

IBC 2016: Axinom DRM – Offline Deployment

Axinom Digital Rights Management (DRM) service enables on-board entertainment scenarios in planes, trains, busses, and ships. It is the first multi-DRM product that can operate in a disconnected fashion enabling premium video on board of the vessels. Axinom is providing access to best of breed free secure players for Microsoft Windows and Apple OSX and the majority of popular client devices – tablets, mobile phones, game consoles and Smart TVs. Get in touch with us and learn more:

NAB Show 2016 in Las Vegas

Sara Pepic, Axinom TV host, is talking to Stefanie Schuster, Business Development Axinom Products, and Johannes Jauch, Chief Technology Officer, about Axinom CMS and Axinom DRM product news at NAB Show in Las Vegas.


NAB Show 2016 in Las Vegas

Sara Pepic, Axinom TV host, is talking to Ralph Wagner, Chief Operating Officer, about cross industry solutions and Axinom’s technology approach at NAB Show in Las Vegas.

AIX Expo 2016 in Hamburg

Sara Pepic, Axinom TV host, is talking to Ralph Wagner, Chief Operating Officer, about Axinom appearance at the AIX Expo in Hamburg. Sara and Ralph discuss upcoming product news, Axinom’s solutions for the aerospace industry and reasons for visit at the Axinom’s booth.

SmartRail 2016 in Amsterdam

Sara Pepic, Axinom TV host, is talking to Ralph Wagner, Chief Operating Officer, about Axinom appearance at the SmartRail Europe Congress and Expo in Amsterdam. Sara and Ralph discuss upcoming product news, Axinom’s solutions for the SmartRail industry and reasons for visit at the Axinom’s booth.

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