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November, 2015

Axinom is one of the 101 companies in the world that matter most in online video in 2015!
17.11.2015 Sara Pepic

We’re thrilled to announce that Axinom is one of the 101 companies in the world that matter most in online video in 2015!


The magazine Streaming Media Europe recently published their fourth annual list of companies that matter most in online video. The publication focused on companies who provide technologies to enable content publishing, and those listed were chosen as having the greatest influence in the streaming media industry. From an initial list of all the companies they were aware of, under consideration, the judges selected the top 101 by the current contributions these companies are making to the online video industry. The final list helps show where the industry is headed and who is driving that movement.


To see the full list go to:

Being included in the Streaming Media Europe 101 acknowledges Axinom’s position as one of the leading technology vendors for streaming media industry, and confirms our constant desire and commitment to providing best solutions to our client´s requirements.

We are both honored and really excited to be voted among 101 technology leaders in the world when it comes to online video. After years of hard work and dedication with the best team in the world we’re thrilled to bring and keep our customers a leap beyond their competitors.

It the reason for Axinom to emphasize two vital aspects of the end-to-end video workflow with our product portfolio: digital asset management and delivery based on Axinom CMS, and content protection and licensing based on Axinom DRM.

The future is really exciting and we are prepared for the challenge.


Damir Tomicic, CEO, Axinom

We see the change in the world of online video. Both the content providers and service providers are now realizing the true value of rolling out technologies that can deliver on the promise of convergence. Everyone now have the opportunity to capitalise on these changes by increasing distribution, driving new revenue streams and improving customer satisfaction.

In Axinom’s customer projects we see that the consumers expect to access premium video on a wide range of devices. At the same time our customers expect their premium content to be protected and delivered in the best possible way. And this is the toughest task to achieve on both sides.

The new offerings must replicate the consistent high-quality TV viewing experience. To achieve this the service providers must deploy robust platforms that can adapt to different technologies and business models and bring content seamlessly to all screens. This is also the challenge where we can help.

We believe that technology solutions that will triumph in the multi-platform environment will be those that allow customers to quickly launch converged video services and to offer on-demand and live content to any device.

With Axinom, this is no longer an issue.

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