NAB 2017: Next Generation of OTT and IPTV Services

Axinom CMS provides service providers with a fast and cost-effective way to launch powerful online video platforms

NAB 2017: Next Generation of OTT and IPTV Services
02.05.2017 Sara Pepic

In a world where consumers expect access to video content on a range of devices and platforms, content providers, broadcasters, service providers and content aggregators realize the true value of deploying video platforms that can deliver on the promise of convergence. As the company enabling the video revolution, Axinom built its software solution portfolio to support all stages of the customer´s media workflow, and enable them to quickly launch the next generation of OTT and IPTV services.


NAB 2017: Axinom CMS features new automated workflows 


At NAB Show 2017, Axinom showcased new automated workflows for SVOD, AVOD, TVOD and Live video streaming scenarios supported by Axinom Content Management System (CMS). Today, the system is leveraged widely across different markets around the world, enabling media customers to build powerful OTT and TV Everywhere solutions with a clear focus on specific target groups such as VOD portals for Kids or Families, Sports and more.

Full capabilities of Axinom CMS span media ingest and encoding, asset and metadata management, catalog and product management, e-commerce, advertising, customer management and secure multi-channel delivery to all types of client devices.

Axinom CMS as a development framework can be easily tailored and adapted to specific project needs and integrated with 3rd party services and legacy systems.

Content monetisation powered by Axinom CMS


Besides our customers´ demand for the content management workflows that are flexible, reliable and scalable, we noticed the need of getting the clearest picture of where and how their connected audience is engaging.

This is one of the additional benefits of developing online video platforms with Axinom CMS. Through Product Management, content managers can define, organize and monetize their products (SVOD, TVOD, AVOD). These product packages can include any type of digital assets, such as Videos, TV shows, Live Channels, Magazines, and more. The system gives an extremely convenient way to define pricing, manage subscription, content and user properties, and publish meta data feeds for consumption by frontends.


Start your free trial of Axinom CMS and discover the latest product developments:

Axinom solutions lay the foundation for launching the next generation of TV services for Over The Top (OTT), Subscription Video On Demand (SVOD), Transactional Video On Demand (TVOD), and Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) scenarios.

Relying on the capabilities of Axinom CMS, customers can simplify the publishing, distribution, and monetization of their online video content.