Enterprise Summit 2016 in Bled, Slovenia

Enterprise Summit 2016 in Bled, Slovenia
06.12.2016 Damir Tomicic

Introducing Digital Platforms Built On Axinom


The emerald-green water sparkling in the sunshine, a lush little island with a church spire peeking out over the greenery, snow-covered Alps beyond and, on one shore, a steep cliff atop which looms a formidable castle. This is a storybook landscape of lake Bled in Slovenia and the home of the most important business event in the region.

Invited by Robert Trnovec, General Manager of Microsoft Slovenia, Damir Tomicic, Axinom CEO, spoke at “Enterprise Summit 2016” to more than 200 C-level executives from different industries. His session followed with an on-stage interview with Petra Wagner, Sales Director Small and Medium Sized Enterprises at Microsoft.

In the afternoon, Barbara Domicelj, Sales Director Enterprise and Partner Group, and David Vidmar, Chief Marketing Officer of Microsoft Slovenia, spoke with Damir about the corporate culture at Axinom comparing it to Microsoft’s “WorkLifeBalance” approach and some traditional large enterprises.

Speaking about the digital transformation, Damir introduced “Digital Platforms Built On Axinom“, an approach to connect services, assets, employees and consumers with proven industry-specific architectures and technologies and to benefit from the upcoming business opportunities with the cloud, internet of things (IoT) and big data analytics.

Axinom lead digital transformation in the industry by providing customers with an open digital platform that is extensible and adaptable to their needs.

Read more: https://www.axinom.com/digital-platforms-built-on-axinom/


A few impressions from the event: