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July 12, 2021
Securing Your Premium Content in 25 Minutes or Less

Steps for Next-Level Content Protection

Key Highlights
Hands-on experience
A hands-on experience in setting up end-to-end DRM protection
Encoding, encrypting, and packaging
How videos are encoded, encrypted, and packaged
Secure playback
Ensuring secure video playback
Debugging issues during DRM set-up
Securing your premium content is the key to a winning monetization strategy. Yet, it is the most easily misunderstood, owing to the fragmentation in streaming formats, DRM technologies, and platform compatibility. By leveraging next-level cloud services and infrastructure, Axinom offers a straightforward and complete solution.

Join us in this introductory and hands-on webinar as we break down the intricacies in video encoding, DRM protection, and secure playback.
Johannes Jauch Portrait
Johannes Jauch
CTO, Axinom
As the leader of the technology team, Johannes is responsible for defining the technological trail Axinom blazes.

He works to empower organizations in understanding and leveraging Axinom products and solutions to solve real-world issues such as content piracy, revenue protection, scalability of services, and much more.
Grigory Grin Portrait
Grigory Grin
CSDO, Axinom
As the Chief Service Delivery Officer, Grigory is responsible for ensuring customer’s success with Axinom products through excellent service delivery.

He plays a pivotal role in successfully overseeing and delivering projects, ensuring we deliver impact and value to our customers and partners. He possesses unmatched subject matter expertise and champions our organizational values.