Executive Predictions for 2018: What do the European Industry Thought Leaders Think?

Executive Predictions for 2018: What do the European Industry Thought Leaders Think?
05.12.2017 Sara Pepic

Technology changes are driving the future of media industry forward, together with content providers, distributors and aggregators. Our current world and the developments coming in the future require education to be prepared for a world of rapid change. This is one of the reasons why every year, the highly experienced editorial team behind the Streaming Media Magazine brand asks European industry thought leaders for their expert opinions about the future.
Axinom CEO, Ralph Wagner, provided his proficient view on the topic, together with advice and recommendations on how to turn upcoming challenges into business opportunities.


EXECUTIVE PREDICTIONS FOR 2018: What do the European Industry Thought Leaders Think?

Let’s put ourselves into the shoes of a modern digital content consumer. No matter where we go, what we are doing, we still want to have the same optimal seamless user experience and access to the content on any device that we prefer. This is why we see centralized entertainment offerings in the form of digital platforms as an integral part of our future. There will be for sure changes in the user behaviour, but one will always remain and that is that consumers know exactly what they want, when and where they want it. Simply offering quality content is not enough, and will not be enough, due to the increased demands and requirements of different target groups. Axinom has developed a strong software stack to launch digital platforms that support all use case scenarios in any smart industry. Built on top of our products, they satisfy the needs of a passenger in a disconnected scenario like an aircraft, as well as OTT solutions for broadcasters, telcos and other media consumers in a connected environment. For our customers, there are many benefits from having a centralized digital platform offering built on Axinom, such as revenue increase, streamlining of internal operations and more. By including ads, promotions, special loyalty programs, backed by secure payment methods and mechanisms, companies can increase their revenues, efficiency, and customer loyalty. Besides, accessibility, availability and richness of the digital platform always remains in the centre of our attention throughout the development process.

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