Happy 15th Birthday Axinom

Happy 15th Birthday Axinom
08.08.2016 Damir Tomicic

We are truly honoured and privileged to reflect upon the 15-year journey that we at Axinom have just accomplished, which has been one the most challenging and rewarding experiences.


It all began with a single step back in 2001. Today, Axinom has developed into a truly international company with 100 employees, award-winning product portfolio and major clients and partners in media, travel and transportation, IT, telco and retail all around the world.

We do feel a great range of emotions, pride in having the best team in the world, deep gratitude in having such amazing clients and partners, a sense of reward in the recognition of our work and perhaps also a sense of excitement, trepidation and expectation as we think ahead to the next 15 years of our journey and what adventures and opportunities that will bring.

For whatever the future holds, one thing is certain at Axinom .. It just won’t be the same. 😉