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Selecting a Content Management System for In-Flight Entertainment (IFE)

Choosing the right content management systems (CMS) as a management backend for in-flight entertainment systems (IFE) is anything but easy.
Nowadays, content management systems are expected do to more than simply manager different content types and service data like payments and flight information. These systems are expected to complement both your business and operational goals.
For example, the ability to provide studio-grade DRM protection that covers different usage scenarios is one of the core requirements for modern IFE systems. And it needs to happen in both connected and disconnected environments, work in the cloud and with on-premise data centers.
In a perfect world, every project would allow customers to start from scratch and use the latest hardware and software technologies. But in reality, customers need to keep supporting legacy onboard systems (e.g. wired IFE systems, old communication protocols, and devices).
To make it all operate seamlessly and integrate different systems, a content management system has to be able to support it all.

Selecting the Right CMS

Customers in the aerospace industry can feel the weight of increasing requirements and expectations in video management and distribution.
With architecture and technologies proven for the aerospace industry, the products allow customers to build next-generation management- and delivery platforms.

Content Management for Wireless and Seatback IFE Systems

Axinom CMS is an extensible content management system designed to cover the full end-to-end media workflow for wireless and seatback IFE systems. It's powering next generation wired and wireless IFE systems and services of major aerospace clients around the world.
Conforming to the highest security and reliability standards, the CMS supports both cloud and on-premise deployments for connected and disconnected consumer scenarios.
Axinom CMS provides an open and extendable development platform. This approach enables customers to connect to content platforms that may not be traditionally considered part of the in-flight entertainment ecosystem.
Workflows are delivered in a unified API format which makes it possible to connect and organize services both on-ground and on-board the aircraft.

Secure Content Store for Early Window Hollywood Movies

As Hollywood is transitioning to 4k video, customers need to choose a new approach to content protection, one that promotes more service flexibility and quicker time to market. The path of early-window content from studio to electronic devices on flights features a set of stringent requirements to safeguard content copyright.
We worked directly with leading Hollywood studios to secure premium content in both on-premise and cloud environments. Our multi-DRM solution supports the highest security requirements (Widevine L1, PlayReady DRM SL3000).
Our solution gives customers the security needed to rapidly launch new services to deliver flexible IFE services to the widest range of consumer devices. MS Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android and more are all supported.
Axinom DRM is one of the first multi-DRM products that is able to operate in a disconnected fashion. This enables offering premium video on-board more than a thousand aircraft in operation today.
Axinom provides a set of core products (Axinom CMS, Axinom CDS, and Axinom DRM) designed specifically for the aerospace industry. The set includes management capabilities of different connected services, various assets, crew members and passenger data.
All this is backed up by proven aerospace industry-specific architectures and technologies allowing customers to build the next generation of digital platforms for management and delivery.

Content Synchronization and Delivery

Today’s services in an aircraft have several challenges. Networks can be slow and unreliable, bandwidth can be changing or costly, data can be personal and critical. A world with ubiquitous uninterrupted connectivity is just an idea, for now.
Traffic quotas, allocated bandwidth, availability of connectivity, storage space, computational power, data security, privacy and hardware limitations cannot be taken for granted.
Axinom CDS is built to transfer data fast, securely, and reliably in any environment. For example, on-board servers and devices exchanging entertainment content and services with the management platform in the cloud.
Axinom CDS is a robust solution that manages all aspects of the synchronization process. From utilizing different connection pipes (LAN, WiFi, 3G, LTE, satellite) to managing interruptions, and prioritizing important data all while keeping data transfer cost manageable.
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