IFE in Cloud, With Cloud

IFE in Cloud, With Cloud
28.01.2019 Zaif Khan

Cloud-based solutions are nothing new in the media and broadcast, and the merits of the cloud are known to all. But in the somewhat rigid and conventional in-flight entertainment landscape, the cloud has just started rolling in.

“Cloud has become a bigger and inseparable part of the whole workflow in the media industry, and this is trickling down to the IFE sector as well. The cloud approach provides many advantages over the traditional on-premises or data-centre methodology, the biggest being the drastic reduction in the content delivery cycle, which is always a concern in the IFE industry,” says Oleg Knut, chief solution architect at Axinom. “Nowadays, paired with the connectivity solutions in aviation, early-window content can be processed, packaged and delivered to the passengers onboard the aircraft in no time, no matter the location.”

Preparing a movie to be enjoyed by the passenger at the push of a button requires multiple steps, ranging from video ingestion for transcoding and encryption to playback through the seatback or BYOD screens. These processes immensely benefit from the agility and flexibility of the cloud.

“The cloud approach provides many advantages over the traditional on-premises or data-center methodology, the biggest being the drastic reduction in the content delivery cycle, which is always a concern in the IFE industry.”

– Oleg Knut

Sourcing master files of movies from content providers used to be a complicated task owing to the security related with premium content, but with the new cloud-based secure and certified file transfer services, it can now be done in mere seconds. Making the file available for ingest and further for management, along with all the required metadata, language localisations and more. Under content management – multi-cloud and third-party service integrations, such as those with search and recommendation engines, allow customers to select best-of-breed solutions to meet their specific requirements at every step of the video workflow.

Next-gen IFE solutions are providing unlimited opportunities, ancillary revenue streams and entail many benefits. “With multiple integrations possibilities, advanced analytics, and leveraging on high-speed connectivity using Ka band and 5G, the cloud is also opening up new doors for revenue sources via personalized ad-injections, destination-based services, and shopping solutions,” adds Oleg Knut. “Such integrations and personalization are becoming on par with those found in the media industry.”

Some of the main benefits of cloud-based IFE are:


As with all cloud workloads, the customer can quickly scale up and down the infrastructure, thus increasing or decreasing the processing capacity only on need.


By moving all the hard-work to the cloud, the need for having expensive on-premise equipment for the preparation, processing and delivery becomes obsolete.

Processing Time

Automated workflows of the cloud significantly reduce the time to market for the content, which is crucial for early window movies.


Implementing integrations with different services and systems through APIs is easy.


Faster rollout of software and security updates, with SLA of up to 99.99%

Hardware Agnosticism

By moving all the processing to the cloud, hardware maintenance and upgrade costs become minimum.

Axinom products and solutions for in-flight entertainment and connectivity, advantage from the capability of the cloud. The customer-specific platforms are built on our core products, covering both on-ground and onboard components. The products span media ingest and processing (Axinom VIP), content management (Axinom CMS), content delivery and synchronization (Axinom CDS), In-flight services (IFS), content protection with multi-DRM (Axinom DRM), and custom client applications for passenger, seatback, or crew devices based on our Frontend SDK.

Capabilities of our platform range from wireless-IFE, live-TV streaming, onboard shopping and in-flight connectivity portal, to crew services, health monitoring, fleet management and much more.

To know how you can build an IFE system with Axinom, leveraging the cloud capabilities, get in touch now:

Aleksandra Sõsun

Director Aero Business Development