How To Deliver In-Flight Entertainment On-Board via Portable IFE Servers

How To Deliver In-Flight Entertainment On-Board via Portable IFE Servers
09.02.2017 Sara Pepic

As the BYOD trend continues to surge, and passengers´ demands for in-flight entertainment at any time and especially on short- and medium-haul flights increases, so does the pressure on airlines to invest in solutions that can keep their customers entertained.

With airlines being presented with more options than ever before, we are keen to take a closer look on software requirements for offering in-flight entertainment services through portable IFE servers.

Portable IFE servers don´t require a change in aircraft´s infrastructure, or supplemental type certificate (STC), therefore bring an opportunity for airlines to start offering more entertainment on-board.


Axinom platform approach enables you to create, manage and maintain in-flight entertainment, infotainment, and e-commerce services and deliver them via portable IFE servers to the passengers’ mobile devices.

The main steps in providing entertainment offerings on-board via Portable IFE Servers


Choosing the right Content Management System (CMS)

It is necessary to identify the CMS solution with the ability to support specific industry requirements in both connected and disconnected environments (e.g. on-board of an aircraft) while working with the cloud and on-premises data centres and covering unusual synchronisation and delivery scenarios for content and services.

With the experience in managing wireless and in-seat IFE systems for clients in different industries around the world, we bring you a solution that is interoperable with your preferred infrastructure, legacy systems as well as 3rd party components.

Just as with wireless and in-seat IFE systems, Axinom CMS is able to manage any kind of content in one single interface and package the content into content sets to be delivered to portable IFE servers and passengers´ devices.

The content can be anything like movies, TV shows and other media content types, but also ads, customer data, products, payments, statistics, fleets, software updates, etc.


Ensuring the highest security level of the content

An additional requirement for modern IFE systems is the ability to provide a studio-grade DRM protection in offline environments and cover different usage scenarios on-board. Axinom works since years very closely with leading Hollywood studios to build secure content stores for premium video content stored on-premises data centres and in the cloud.

With Axinom Digital Rights Management (DRM), you have the flexibility to deliver high quality, secure and flexible IFE services to the widest range of consumer devices.

It is the first multi-DRM product that can operate in a disconnected fashion enabling premium video on board of hundreds of aircrafts in the world today. 


Content Synchronization And Delivery

Axinom Content Delivery System (CDS) is the first full-featured synchronization solution in the worldwide aerospace market that enables both fully automatized connected and disconnected synchronization scenarios.

In order to bring your content to the portable IFE hardware solutions on-board of the aircraft, the system allows you to use synchronization ways such as content loading server at the airport, cellular 3G/4G/5G networks, wireless internet access, and physical storage devices like USB and SSD.

Axinom CDS is built to transfer data fast, securely, and reliably in any environment, e.g. on-board servers and devices exchanging entertainment content and services with the management platform in the cloud.

Based on industry-standards, it fulfils the highest requirements regarding security and reliability.



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