IFExpress reports from APEX 2017: Smart Sync with Axinom CDS

IFExpress reports from APEX 2017: Smart Sync with Axinom CDS
04.10.2017 Sara Pepic

Sara Pepic, Axinom Marketing Manager, talked to Terry Wiseman from IFExpress about Axinom’s unique solution for solving some of the main challenges faced by the players in the aviation industry. The following article appears in the latest Apex Expo 2017 Show Preview published by IFExpress.


Another APEX is behind us and once again, we’ve witnessed exciting innovations in the passenger experience space, shared Axinom’s latest industry developments, discussed trending news and trends with professionals in the aviation space.

Digital innovation and the enormous improvements in the aerospace industry have changed the way we travel and understand passenger expectations. With new and constant improvements arising in aviation, there is a tremendous amount of data being collected on the aircraft, next to data being delivered to its on-board servers. In such a world, an aircraft needs a smart IT infrastructure and intelligent technology for various purposes: flight information, real-time monitoring, maintenance services, on-board entertainment, and crew control. A common need recognized within the players in the industry is having a faster, better, and more cost-efficient way to transfer and synchronize all this data.

Faster, better, and more cost-effective way to sync and transfer data


Sara Pepic: “We’ve developed a truly one-of-a-kind content delivery system that allows secure and robust bidirectional content synchronization. It’s a first full-featured synchronization solution in the worldwide aerospace market that enables both fully automatized and disconnected synchronization scenarios. The use of Axinom CDS as a state of the art content delivery system improves reliability, coverage, and capacity while transferring data. “


Besides the synchronization between on-ground and on-board servers, Axinom says that their system makes use of any type of digital content regardless of the content management system their client uses. Axinom CDS pre-integrates with Axinom’s own content management system (Axinom CMS), but it easily integrates with client’s existing infrastructure and systems. Customers demand reliable technology to securely transfer data, for a plethora of use cases including route planning, aircraft diagnostics, weather applications, infotainment and in-flight entertainment services.

Axinom CDS enables bidirectional transfer of arbitrary data. The system supports all popular transport mechanisms such as Wi-Fi, LTE, physical devices, and satellites.


Sara Pepic: “Airlines can transfer large amounts of data using different transport mechanisms. A really special and powerful feature is prioritization. Using this, clients can control data transfer based on a number of factors, including content type, size, freshness, and cost of the transport channel. For example, they can avoid sending big content updates over an expensive satellite link or make sure latest news always get transferred first, no matter what pipe is used. In the end, it is important to think about how to best serve both, passengers and crew.”

Terry Wiseman: “For sure, interesting would be to know what happens when an aircraft loses connection while flying and still wants to receive the latest content updates?”

Sara Pepic: ” Axinom CDS empowers crew members to automatically pull the latest content and service packages for the upcoming flight using the Sync App on their mobile devices while staying in a hotel or at the airport. During the flight in a disconnected environment on-board, the Sync App automatically connects to the on-board server using a wireless connection to synchronize and automatically distribute the content and service packages without the need for crew to touch any on-board device.


Terry Wiseman:What does it mean for passengers and an airline?”

Sara Pepic: “Harnessing the power of automatic and intelligent synchronization, the crew is always prepared for the flight by having access to the latest and most important content and service updates on their mobile devices wherever they are. On the other hand, passengers get the latest news updates, fresh audio and video content, and can enjoy a variety of personalized services on-board of the aircraft anytime. The airlines are empowered to innovate on top of open synchronization platform by introducing new services and generating ancillary revenues. In terms of investments in the equipment, they are kept quite low, as Axinom CDS can be integrated into existing infrastructures and systems. “


Given the complex nature of their customers´ businesses and present market dynamics, Axinom has a strong software foundation for building open digital platforms and connecting a large number of devices, systems, or another type of assets with each other.


Sara Pepic:Based on our 16 years long experience, we offer future-proof software solutions (Axinom CMS, Axinom DRM, Axinom VIP, Axinom CDS) that enable the next generation of in-flight entertainment, infotainment and connectivity solutions for customers all over the world. We have innovative, sustainable, and mature technology and a reputation for delivering content management systems, digital rights management, delivery and synchronization services in media, aviation and rail industries. While our company has enjoyed great success over the past 16 years, we’re even more excited about our future. We’ll keep on investing in innovative new technologies to keep up with the continually growing demands of the market and our customers.”

Behind the scenes: 7 Steps to  powerful digital platforms for the BYOD scenario


Axinom CDS is an integral part of Axinom’s software solution portfolio for the aviation industry.

In this video you can learn more about our 7 – step process for developing open digital platforms for the BYOD scenario.


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