CAREER INSIGHT: The Exciting World of IT & Project Management

CAREER INSIGHT: The Exciting World Of IT & Project Management
02.03.2016 Sara Pepic

Technology has become a common part of educational institutions, but the topic of programming might seem an abstract one.
Institute of Computer Science of the University of Tartu delivers world-class computer science education to all of its students, both relevant in theory and practice. Last week, they spent some time with a couple of computing professionals coming from companies which operate in the exciting field of IT industry to show what programming looks like.

Axinom Project Manager in Tartu office and the alumnus of Computer Science Institute  Anna – Liisa Leppik shared her opinion on the challenging world of IT and her most exciting professional challenges.

Notice: the interview is in Estonian language.

“.. As a project manager it is interesting for me to take a lot of flowing information from different sources and make a plan out of this! ..”

Programming is a discipline that offers rewarding and challenging possibilities for a wide range of people regardless of their range of interests. In the video Liisi talks about whether you have to be a genius to study programming, what do you have to know before starting and explains that programming combined with project management is interesting, challenging and always changing.

Have we painted a picture of a career you might find interesting?


The exciting field of programming offers a huge range of career options and provide leadership challenges and opportunities, contributing to a satisfying career that lets you combine IT with your other interests, such as project management.

If you want to take part in interesting projects for well-known industry leaders (broadcasting companies, video content producers, IPTV providers) from all around the world and work with customers in media/entertainment field, apply to our open positions today!

About the Institute of Computer Science of the University of Tartu

Institute of Computer Science hosts 800 students across a range of Bachelors, Masters and doctoral curricula. The Institute’s mission is to deliver world-class computer science education that is both relevant in practice and grounded on rigorous conceptual foundations.

The Institute is a partner in the Estonian Center of Excellence in Computer Scienceand the Software Technology and Applications Competence Centre — an R&D centre that conducts industry-driven research projects in the fields of software engineering and data mining.

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