Life in Axinom (aka AxWeekly)

Life in Axinom (aka AxWeekly)
14.09.2015 Damir Tomicic

The two first weeks of September have literally flew by.. As they say, time flies when you’re having fun. September started with a nice surprise from Agniezska, who had sent us a post card. Getting real mail is kind of rare nowadays and Agniezska kindly suggested fondue for our Friday lunch. I really like the idea and I would totally do it.. if we had 3 people in the office instead of 45…

It’s kind of a tradition that we here in Tartu start the week with a new employee – this time we welcomed back our office assistant Evelin – who treated us with a lot of candies, so everyone who didn’t know her, well now they love her.

As for rest of the week – everything went according to the schedule. Tallinn office had their smoothie session and office lunch. We here in Tartu munched on the delicious banana-coconut-yoghurt cake that Evelin made.

Last week was a little bit different one – first of all, we didn’t have any new employees in our office, second of all, the weather was depressing as sunlight was a rare phenomenon and it was raining most of the time.


But everything gets better when it’s Friday and it’s time for the weekly office lunch – while people in Tartu had pizza (a lot of pizza) Tallinn people were rewarded with homecooked lunch. Merili rose up to the challenge and put on her oven gloves. She prepared a meal of chicken and potatoes and it was a hit.

Merili, if you’d like a bigger challenge – come and cook the same dish here in Tartu!

Last Friday was also a last working day in Axinom for Aleksei who also brought cake so that the farewell wouldn’t be so bittersweet. Good luck Aleksei!