Axinom innovations for the maritime industry

11.01.2016 Damir Tomicic

Next generation of on-board entertainment, infotainment and connectivity solutions

Dynamic, connected and successful cruise ship networks must serve the needs and demands of the 21st century passengers. They have high expectations for on – board entertainment and infotainment services at their fingertips and expect to have access to all sorts of content wherever they are.

We are well – known for our comprehensive experience within the passenger segment. Our expertise enables us to deliver solutions that truly meet various needs of our customers and contribute to increased passenger satisfaction.


Discover our innovations for the maritime industry

Axinom has a proven track record of building targeted products for digital rights management, content and asset management, synchronization and delivery systems as well as solutions for embedded, crew and consumer devices.

As a highly skilled software solution provider for cruise ships and media industry Axinom offers consulting, architecture, software development, and operating services to extend existing systems, or build the next generation of on-board entertainment, infotainment and connectivity products.


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Axinom CMS covers the full end-to-end media workflow with an extensible development platform for service providers interested in building the next generation of platforms and customers solutions for management and delivery of premium live and on-demand video in trains.

Axinom VIP is a video ingest and processing aimed to bring a faster content approval by content providers, speed up the content updates, significantly reduce technical challenges related to content preparation and distribution, and allow faster time to market with reduced costs.

Axinom CDS allows secure and robust content synchronisation using standardised communication protocols (4G, WiFi, Satellite connection) and mediums (SSD, USB).

Axinom DRM is built from the ground up to target multiple DRM technologies in a uniform manner, enabling customers to target a wide range of platforms (Microsoft PlayReady, Google Widevine, Apple Fairplay).

The old promise of “protect once, deliver everywhere” finally holds true. Even offline!


Innovative solutions built to operate on various kinds of vessels

In today´s dynamic environment, staying close to passengers and crew staff becomes more important to cruise operators than ever. While passengers are most of the time restrained within the boundaries of the vessel, providing special experience through high level entertainment services on – board will create satisfied and loyal customers.

Axinom solutions for maritime industry enable cruise operators on various kinds of vessels to fulfill the expectations of passengers and crew staff. Special attention is dedicated to tourist passengers on cruise ships, where satisfaction during their stay on the vessel is essential for the cruise operators´success.

Using solutions built on Axinom, cruise operators can customize and deliver large choice of digital content to their passengers on any kind of device, provide them with geographical location information, dynamic coverage, safety instructions and alert notifications. Crew staff can easily communicate over personalized communication portals, provide passengers with information about the happenings on the vessel and react rapidly in case of a request or even a negative response.



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