Meet us @ Mobile World Congress 2016

Mobile World Congress 2016
06.02.2016 Damir Tomicic

Mobile World Congress, or MWC, is an annual gathering for the mobile industry held in Barcelona, Spain. It offers the world-class exhibition, award-winning conference programme, and outstanding networking opportunities with 94,000+ attendees from all around the world. It is told that you can do more business in four days than in a month’s worth of meetings or in a year’s worth of travel, because everyone who is part of the industry is in Barcelona for MWC.

Meet us at MWC!

Axinom team will be on-site in Barcelona showcasing our latest product innovations for service providers.

New Products for Service Providers

Axinom is taking this year’s claim “Mobile is Everything” seriously. We offer consulting, architecture, software development, and operating services empowering service providers to triumph in the growing multi-platform IT environment by quickly launching new services and offering on-demand and live content to any device.

Axinom products allow service providers to create, manage and maintain the next generation of media and entertainment services in a simplified, cost effective, and secure way. The portfolio supports the process of management and deployment of content and services to unlimited number of clients. The products are built to run both on premise and in the cloud data centres allowing global scale of service delivery.

Axinom products for service providers

All Axinom products expose a comprehensive API which enables providers to build their own solutions on top and to interact with 3rd party systems (ERP, recommendation engines, content provider and post production studios).

Using Axinom’s set of products service providers can significantly reduce the cost of service with optimized workflows for content management and delivery:

Axinom Content Management System (CMS) is based on Axinom’s innovative workflow engine which ensures secure and scalable handling of all types of content items (videos, audio, advertising, products, magazines, news, payment transactions, etc.) and services while supporting delivery to different client platforms (Web browsers and mobile applications for smartphones and tablets on all client OS platforms including Windows, iOS, and Android).

Axinom Content Delivery System (CDS) allows incremental, secure, and robust bidirectional content synchronisation using standardised communication protocols and mediums such as Cellular 3G / 4G, wireless Access, satellite, and physical storage devices like USB and SSD. Axinom CDS does not depend on permanent internet connection allowing disconnected synchronization scenarios.

Axinom Digital Rights Management (DRM) enables customers to target a wide range of client OS platforms with a single service by simultaneously supporting multiple DRM technologies. It is the first multi-DRM product that can operate in a disconnected fashion enabling premium video on board of the aircraft.

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