Meet us at NAB 2019!

Booth - SU10810, 8-11 April, Las Vegas

Meet us at NAB 2019!
05.03.2019 Zaif Khan

Discover Global OTT Platforms built on Axinom

Join us at NAB 2019, Booth – SU10810 from 8-11 April in Las Vegas and learn more about Axinom’s digital solutions powering some of the largest OTT services in the world.

Efficient content management

With the content management capability of Axinom’s platform, we enable customers to manage hundreds of live channels and hundreds of thousands of audio and video assets as well as arbitrary regions, currencies, and languages. Customers can leverage Axinom CMS to manage massive content catalogues in a single interface with automated workflows for SVOD, AVOD, TVOD and Live video streaming scenarios, and benefit from the high-efficiency and fast task-handling.

Automated workflows for ingestion, transcoding, encryption, packaging, and publishing are designed to handle valuable Hollywood studio content and enable customers to deliver their content secure and faster to end-user devices.

Live Content

Axinom, with its modular and robust products and many industrial partnerships, provides the full media workflow that accompanies the live OTT as well as VoD. Axinom CMS can manage any video content, be it linear TV channels or the EPG and time-based metadata associated with it. Catch-up duration, advertisement configuration, blackout regions and business and content rules can be defined within the CMS, along with providing access to multiple users or external participants.


Axinom understands that each company is different, each content piece is unique, and every market needs individual monetization strategy. Our digital backend solutions allow you to choose between AVOD, SVOD or TVOD revenue models to target different markets and audiences, Dynamic Ad-insertion (DAI) or CSAI (Client-side Ad-Insertion) for personalized advertising. Our architecture also allows numerous integrations to facilitate customer systems, payment providers, bundling opportunities, marketing promotions through vouchers, promo codes and donations.

Global business

Platforms built by Axinom allow you to handle and control the monetization of your digital assets worldwide, and to serve all regions around the globe with the business models, content, pricing, payment options, and further services, exactly depending on each region’s needs and potentials.

We support your global business by developing powerful OTT  platforms capable of handling and delivering massive amounts of content through a globally scalable infrastructure.

Global deployment

We are experienced in setting up global services, by leveraging a highly scalable cloud-based setup with multiple instances and tools to orchestrate and control productive environments. Our global deployment setup ensures the platform’s performance, functionality and fulfills professional OTT platforms’ requirements in terms of scalability, availability and reliability.

Axinom BIS (Backend Interfaces and Services) provides all interfaces in a highly scalable manner. With a reliable setup of a traffic manager and global CDN integrations, our solutions handle requests in an efficient way and ensure high performance and reliability.

Millions of users and assets

Regardless of the size of the content library, Axinom Platform has the capability to scale for growth and the future while ensuring customers to deliver their valuable on-demand and live TV content fast and secure to end-user devices at any given moment. Automated workflows for ingestion, transcoding, encryption, packaging, and publishing of content ensure high efficiency and fast task-handling.

OTT platforms built on Axinom are equipped with the powerful ingest and processing service able to process even the largest content catalogues in a very short time, by scaling to 1000 machines or more, running in parallel, ensuring viewers get fresh content as fast as possible.

3rd party integrations

As a cloud-based platform, Axinom platform is equipped with an extensive API setup and supports the integration of multiple external services and products, payment gateways, advertisements, and more.

We make sure to seamlessly integrate the operator’s own and preferred 3rd party systems and services custom to their needs, increase interoperability, streamline their flow of data and processes, and define more productive media processes. We believe in custom integrations and the potential of tailored solutions.

Backend-frontend communication

Thanks to Axinom’s Frontend SDK, operators can be sure that all the communication between backend and frontend applications is standardized for all the platforms. Axinom’s Frontend SDK is built to control and simplify the communication between backend and frontend applications built by third parties. It simplifies frontend agency’s work, reduces complexity and therefore costs and timeline for frontend development significantly, and ensures the most efficient usage of backend infrastructure and traffic by streamlining and controlling all communication.

  • “Axinom proved to understand our strategic goals and our vision of establishing a distinct positioning on the cluttered market, which was important in the process of selecting a reliable partner. We trust that Axinom will deliver the OTT platform ZEE5 in a short turnaround time and to a very high standard which will meet our expectations.”

    Amit Goenka
    Amit GoenkaAmit Goenka, CEO International Business at ZEEL

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