Neos is new customer for BoardConnect IFE

Neos is new customer for Lufthansa Systems BoardConnect
01.12.2015 Damir Tomicic

Lufthansa Systems offers Neos individual content for passengers from different tour operators

Lufthansa Systems announced that the Italian airline Neos will soon offer its passengers innovative in-flight entertainment (IFE) via the wireless BoardConnect infotainment system. The IFE platform from Lufthansa Systems enables passengers to access information, entertainment and services on their own devices. The two companies recently signed a five-year contract for the solution.

Neos is the official airline of the Italian tourism company Alpitour. The airline is based in Somma Lombardo and specializes in flights for various travel providers. It carries passengers to numerous European and intercontinental destinations with its fleet of six Boeing 737-800W and three 767-300ER aircraft.

BoardConnect IFE

The wireless BoardConnect IFE solution enables passengers to access a wide range of entertainment content during a flight, including movies, TV shows, music and games, by connecting to a WiFi network through an app on their own tablets or smartphones. The system also includes a shop and a moving map with points of interest (POI) relating to various subjects.

Neos is an airline that offers a variety of services and as such benefits in different ways from the flexibility of the BoardConnect IFE system. Neos usually flies with passengers who have booked trips through different travel providers. BoardConnect makes it possible to offer these passenger groups different content. Neos also operates full charter flights and can now provide these customers with a special service: In addition to the existing entertainment program offered through BoardConnect, additional content relating to the travel destination or the company organizing the charter flight, for example, can now be included in the system at short notice.