Sky Online & Snap by Sky

Technical concept, UI/UX design and development of the Sky Online & Snap by Sky offering for Microsoft Xbox platform.


With more than 3.9 million subscribers, exclusive broadcasting rights and a unique HD offering, Sky Germany is synonymous with German pay TV. The Sky brand stands for a unique selection of premium TV entertainment offered in a variety of innovative products. Sky customers in Germany and Austria enjoy Sky’s pay TV packages with brand-new movies, TV series, shows, live sports events, UEFA Champions League and German Soccer League.


To further extend Sky’s rich offering, Axinom was charged with making Sky’s pay TV services available on Microsoft’s Xbox One game console. Having successfully collaborated on a similar project for the Xbox 360, Sky again engaged Axinom to bring its brand-new Sky Online and Snap by Sky services to the Xbox One platform. The project’s core task was to create a technical concept and UI/UX design, and develop the apps


The Xbox One apps that Axinom built for Sky Online and Snap by Sky were based on Axinom’s App Framework. By adhering to the Axinom Development Process (ADP), the project team achieved optimum performance and met the client’s requirements in terms of functionality and timing. Coming off a successful Q4 2014 launch, both apps are performing very well and are extremely popular.

  • “With the Sky Online and Snap apps available on Xbox One we are able to reach a wide and passionate community of connected users with our exclusive streaming offering. Together with our long-term partner Axinom we have developed both full-featured apps in highest quality within short time. I am really happy with the great performance of the Axinom team and the outcome of this joint project.”
    Mauro di Pietro Paolo
    Mauro di Pietro PaoloSenior Vice President Information Technology, Sky Germany