Software architecture and development of the Watchever offering for Microsoft Xbox platform.


Vivendi is a French multinational mass media and telecommunication company headquartered in Paris, France. It owns French TV channel and movie producer Canal+ Group, as well as music world leader Universal Music Group..

Watchever is Vivendi’s brand for video on-demand entertainment featuring the flat rate for the latest and best in Hollywood movies, series and TV shows.


Vivendi wanted to make the Watchever video service available on as many platforms as possible. The company recognized Microsoft Xbox One as the optimal platform to increase Watchever’s coverage and strenghten its market position.

As a long-standing Xbox Premier Partner and Xbox development vendor for many media companies worldwide, Axinom’s core task was to create a reasonable software architecture for the platform and to support Vivendi’s development team until the application was ready to be launched.


The Watchever Xbox One app features on-demand video streaming of movies and TV shows and offers a kids-specific content category. Content is available as Full HD to provide the audience with an outstanding TV experience.

Kinect voice and gesture control enables the users to fuly benefit from the platform’s unique functionalities. Digital rights management and parental control allow Vivendi to ensure intended and appropriate usage of the content. The app supports SVOD and AVOD business model to ensure monetization of the service.