Axinom welcomes Better Software Group to its partner ecosystem

FÜRTH, GERMANY — Axinom, one of the leading providers in content management and digital rights management is proud to welcome Better Software Group S.A., an international company specialized in application development, to its partner ecosystem.


With this partnership both companies will accelerate customer delivery of a complete end-to-end video solutions. Better Software Group´s PlayBetter™ application platform has been integrated with Axinom Content Management System (CMS) to provide mutual customers with compelling solutions for video and entertainment platforms.


“As multiscreen video viewing continues its surge it’s increasingly important for customers to deploy an easy to use and flexible end-to-end service for management, content protection and delivery to multiple devices”, said Johannes Jauch, CTO of Axinom. “We are excited to partner with Better Software Group to provide an out-of-the box integration of Axinom CMS and Axinom DRM with PlayBetter™ app platform. The simplicity and efficiency of our combined solution enables media companies to add live and on-demand streaming to their services, increasing the audience for their content, and their opportunities for monetizing their connected viewers”.


Axinom CMS is a fully customizable and extensible content management system designed to manage any kind of content in one single interface and deliver it to consumer platforms. It covers the full end-to-end OTT media workflow with an extensible OTT development platform while ensuring efficient and robust handling of media content. Using Axinom CMS, media companies can create, deliver, manage and maintain the next-generation of video services in a simplified, cost-effective and secure way. Media Template for Axinom CMS, is part of the Axinom product portfolio and provides sample workflows for SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, and Live scenarios. Axinom Digital Rights Management solution is supported out-of-the box. Axinom DRM is a robust and highly scalable multi-DRM service in the cloud built on latest standards, and supporting multiple DRM technologies (Google Widevine, Microsoft PlayReady and Apple FairPlay).


“We’re delighted to join Axinom’s partner ecosystem that has impressed us with the maturity and the functional capabilities of its video solutions. Thanks to our partnership we’ll be able to provide high quality design, development and client application management possibilities on top of Axinom’s core backend platform” said Daniel Biesiada, CTO of Better Software Group. “Adding Axinom to our selected group of partners is another proof of our ambition to expand globally together with the leading OTT platform providers” added Bartlomiej Lozia, CEO of the Group.


About Better Software Group
Better Software Group is focused on delivering amazing user experience and helps media companies in personalizing it. With PlayBetter™ client application personalization engine, media companies can create and publish applications targeting its consumers fast, efficiently and with a full control for further changes. Optimized integration with back-end and back office systems in the media distribution chain is crucial for PlayBetter™ platform to provide possible full automation. Integration with Axinom CMS extends significantly PlayBetter’s capability to consume and monetize video content from client applications in the multiscreen environment.

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About Axinom
Axinom is one of the leading software development companies in Europe and North America with more than 15 years of experience and a strong technical expertise in digital rights management, content management, synchronization services and delivery solutions for connected and disconnected scenarios. Axinom teams offer consulting, architecture, software development, and operating services empowering customers to triumph in the growing multi-platform IT environment by quickly launching new services and offering on-demand and live content to any device. Axinom products allow customers and service providers to create, manage and maintain the next generation of entertainment, infotainment, e-commerce, and connectivity services in a simplified, cost effective, and secure way. The portfolio supports the process of management and deployment of content and services to unlimited number of clients. The products are built to run both on premise and in the cloud data centres allowing global scale of service delivery.

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