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Experience the future of corporate communications

Axinom Corporate TV provides organizations new opportunities for internal and external video communication.

With its new product Axinom meets an essential need as online video over recent years has become more and more important to all kinds of enterprises. Nowadays online video is not only for large corporations with deep pockets.

Distribution over internet and digital production have created cost-effective opportunities for broad adoption by all kinds of companies. With Axinom Corporate TV there is no need for implementing any kind of IT infrastructure. Axinom provides a cloud-hosted platform that is used for provisioning, preparing and managing video content as well as distributing it to all kinds of devices.

In just 3 simple steps:

Axinom Corporate TV does not only open up new opportunities for corporate communications, but also new ways of engaging targeted audiences with live and on-demand video. With its generic approach Axinom Corporate TV positions itself as “YouTube for the Enterprise”.

As one of the leading accounting and consulting service providers Deloitte & Touche already leverages Axinom when implementing Corporate TV events. The solution provides participants at diverse locations access to an intranet video portal which they can use to live stream conferences and directly interact with presenters and take part in online discussions.

Highest security and scalability

Axinom Corporate TV fulfills highest security standards for the protection of video content and is prepared for being used both, internally and externally. Videos can be consumed anywhere in high quality and without interruptions – on PCs and Smart TVs as well as on smartphones and tablets, completely independent of the device manufacturer.

By implementing state-of-the-art digital rights management based on Axinom DRM, enterprises utilizing Axinom Corporate TV have fine-granular control over how their video content can be consumed.

Built natively to run in the cloud, Axinom Corporate TV easily scales globally beyond corporate boundaries.

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