Ralph Wagner talks Axinom Aerospace

Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® Welcomes Axinom Aerospace, a Leading Software Solutions Provider for Aerospace Customers

Broadcasted on Fox Business Network and Bloomberg International  on Sunday, May 17, 2015, as sponsored programming. 

LOS ANGELES, May 15, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Worldwide Business kathy ireland®, a business show that focuses on the most innovative and forward-thinking business leaders, examines the next generation of in-flight entertainment, infotainment, and aerospace connectivity solutions in its latest episode.

In this episode, host Kathy Ireland interviews Ralph Wagner, Axinom’s CEO. Wagner begins by noting that today’s travelers want to have all of their home entertainment, personal connectivity, and office information readily available at all times, even when traveling by plane, train, or other disconnected environment. Axinom addresses this need, he says, by preparing the content on the ground, adding the necessary security protections, and distributing it to the vehicle in question.

The production team travels to Axiom’s headquarters in Furth, Germany to show how Axinom overcomes the challenges of aerospace connectivity using cutting-edge methods — from initial content management and protection to complete or incremental packaging and final distribution to aircraft. The Axinom team also develops applications that support the viewing of this content on a wide range of modern mobile devices. Digital strategists, software designers, and technologists work together to create these solutions, while the company’s researchers explore the latest trends and technologies, sharing their ideas with others in industry forums.

Wagner states that Axinom provides solutions for both sides of the user experience, including content management and DRM on the server side and multi-device app development on the user side. As for wireless, streaming in-flight entertainment, Wagner describes this as an industry that’s just getting started. He adds that the industry’s recognized need to make use of standardized hardware has led Axiom to design for a wide range of current standard game consoles, smart TVs, PC/Web platforms running HTML5, and iOS/Android/Windows devices.

Vice President of Programming JL Haber expresses enthusiasm over the segment, saying, “Axinom Aerospace is a perfect example of the kind of advanced thinking and industry leadership that our viewers can get excited about.

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