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Ingest & Process

Axinom VIP is a video ingest and processing that significantly reduces technical challenges related to content preparation and distribution.


Axinom CMS is an award-winning content management system built on latest standards and designed to manage all types of digital content and services in the cloud and on-premises.


Axinom DRM is a highly scalable multi digital rights management service supporting cloud, on-premises, and offline scenarios behind a unified API.


Axinom CDS is a content delivery system which allows secure and robust bidirectional synchronization of content and service using standardized communication protocols and mediums.

Stream Online


Axinom BIS is a software component that provides a seamless way to query, filter, verify access, stream and integrate numerous interfaces and services.

Stream Offline


Axinom IFS is a software component on in-flight server to query, filter, verify access and stream the content to the client applications on multiple devices.

Axinom products are
the best in Europe in 2017/2018!

8th annual Streaming Media Europe Readers’ Choice Awards with 18 categories and a total of 381 nominees is the most prestigious honor and the only awards program in the online video industry.


Axinom is proud to announce that both Axinom DRM and Axinom CMS are voted the best products in the European video market!