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Axinom CMS 

is award-winning content management system built on latest standards and designed to manage all types of digital content and services in the cloud and on-premises.

Axinom DRM 

is a highly scalable multi digital rights management service supporting
cloud, on-premises, and offline scenarios
behind a unified API.

Axinom CDS

is a content delivery system which allows secure and robust bidirectional content synchronization.

Axinom VIP

is a video ingest and processing that significantly reduces technical challenges related to content preparation and distribution.

Depending on requirements, Axinom CMS is provided as tailored turnkey solution or as a template solution allowing customers to adjust it to their particular needs.

At IBC 2016, Axinom introduced the latest product version along with interesting news about an out-of-the-box solution quickly deployable in your Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS cloud.

The winner in “2016 Streaming Media European Readers’ Choice Awards“.

Axinom DRM enables on-board entertainment scenarios in planes, trains, busses, and ships. It is the first multi-DRM product that can operate in a disconnected fashion.

Axinom DRM features the major DRM technologies behind a unified API in the cloud and on-premises: Microsoft PlayReady, Google Widevine, and Apple FairPlay.

The finalist in “2016 Streaming Media European Readers’ Choice Awards“

Axinom CDS is built to transfer data fast, securely, and reliably in any environment, e.g. Smart Home servers and devices exchanging entertainment content with the cloud.

Axinom CDS is your robust solution that manages all aspects, including utilizing different pipes (LAN, WiFi, 3G, LTE, satellite networks), managing interruptions, prioritizing important data, and controlling data transfer cost.


Axinom VIP brings you a faster content approval by content providers, it speeds up the content updates, significantly reduces technical challenges related to content preparation and distribution, and allows faster time to market with reduced costs.

Axinom VIP believes in one format for all platforms. Together with different players, we bring MPEG-DASH to the most important platforms reducing the need for different container formats and DRM systems.







Your benefits

We believe that technology solutions that will triumph in the multi-platform environment will be those that allow customers to manage, protect, and fast and scalable deliver on-demand and live content to any device.



Reduce Your CAPEX Costs

Axinom products enable content and service providers to embrace the full power of a professional development platform without huge upfront investments with attractive subscription licensing opportunities.