Axinom BIS

Backend Interfaces and Services

Axinom BIS (Backend Interfaces and Services) provides a seamless way to integrate various interfaces and services either out-of-the-box with Axinom Backend or as a tailored solution for your own backend in place. Axinom BIS is also platform agnostic, hence can be integrated regardless of the frontend in use.

Axinom BIS functions acts a middle layer, facilitating querying, filtering, verification and access to content assets and streams  content to the apps. In addition, it has a number of other features, such as authentication, entitlements, full-text search with filtering, DRM licensing, advertisement support, reporting, shop (VOD, bistro, etc.), payments, monitoring and many more.


Global deployment

Axinom BIS enable e-commerce transactions in online and offline scenarios. No matter subscription-based, purchase-based or both, subscriptions and shopping functionalities can be enhanced by payment integration and payment gateway solutions.

Axinom´s platform can be integrated with any preferred payment provider and third-party services and offers an extremely convenient way to define pricing. As a PCI compliant vendor, Axinom is allowed to build software that can store credit card data. These software solutions are developed according to PCI requirements, with a separate extensive analysis prior to implementation to protect and keep the cardholder data safe.

User management

The solution provides user management features with authentication, login and purchase information.

Catalog creation

Axinom BIS can provide to client applications content catalogs of all the content (movies, TV shows, audio albums, ebooks), together with easy search, filtering and query options.

Entitlement service

Manage and enforce access policies for data, devices and services. With entitlements service you can define which content and services are available to your customers based on multiple conditions including business types, licensing, geo-location, device management etc.

Third-Party services

As a cloud-based platform, Axinom platform is equipped with an extensive API setup and supports the integration of multiple external services and products, payment gateways, advertisements, and more.

Axinom makes sure to seamlessly integrate the operator’s own and preferred third-party systems and services custom to their needs, increase interoperability, streamline their flow of data and processes, and define more productive media processes.

We put a strong emphasis on our capability and experience in integrating any kind of required service, and to provide interfaces to the data controlled in our solution to be accessible by third-parties. We believe in custom integration and the potential of tailored solutions.

Key Highlights

Distributed architecture

Distributed architecture with microservices designed without any single point of failures.


The service scales up automatically even under high-load conditions to provide zero-downtime.

Out-of-the-box integration

Out-of-the-box integration with Axinom CMS, Axinom DRM and Axinom FE SDK.

Highly Optimised

Highly optimized for fast API response times.

Robust user handling

Capablity of serving hundreds of thousands of user requests at a time.

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