Axinom CDS

Axinom Content Delivery System

Axinom CDS is a Content Delivery System which allows secure and robust uploading and offloading of data, its delivery and synchronization between on-ground and on-board servers using standardized communication protocols and mediums.

It innovates ways to deliver, pull and synchronize content, data and services intelligently between on-ground and on-board or home servers allowing a variety of disconnected synchronization scenarios.

Key highlights

Robust and Secure Data Transfer

Axinom CDS is designed to transfer secure data. The product encrypts content reliably and ensures a secure data transfer. It is able to manage disconnection during synchronization of the content, meaning that if content transfer is interrupted, the successfully synchronized part of the content is already usable on board. As soon as the connection is available again, Axinom CDS resumes the synchronization. The product is able to compare content sets and update only the modifications. This allows customers to reduce the time needed for synchronization and significantly decrease the amount of data to be transferred.

Choice of Pipeline

Axinom CDS supports all kind of pipelines for synchronization, i.e. Satellite, 3G/4G, Wifi, or mass-storage devices like USB, SD, SSD, laptop, tablets, etc. Depending on the enabled pipelines, Axinom CDS is capable of switching to another connection type as soon as the preferred connection is not available anymore. Selection of the pipeline is based on content types. For example, you can enable real-time services for news, weather, advertisement, and much more in a disconnected environment.

Uploading of data

The whole architecture supports uploading and offloading of data, its delivery and synchronization between on-ground and on-board servers. The system allows uploading of data from the ground, such as media and entertainment content, connectivity options and content pages, ads, shop items, destination information and many more through Axinom CMS, and data gathered from technical ops, such as configuration and fleet management data and software updates.

Offloading of data

Axinom CDS supports offloading of data coming from the on-board storage, such as reporting data gathered by IFEC frontend, predictive maintenance and IoT data from on-board sensors, cabin management and crew services data, as well as electronic flight bag and real-time weather information from the cockpit services.

API Exposure

Axinom CDS provides APIs to seamlessly integrate with any kind of onboard and onground systems. From the real-time weather updates and Electronic Flight Bag data generated by the cockpit services, as well as data on as well as data on crew services, all the way  to the predictive maintenance and IoT data resulting from the on-board sensors, Axinom CDS gives the possibility to transfer all of the generated data in both directions. This means that it is possible to upload or offload data coming from any current or future business applications the customer has, including Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business Intelligence (BI), Payment Gateways and available payment tools, data handled by the content management system, and more.

Hear Ralph Wagner and Stefanie Schuster explain the capabilities of Axinom CDS in our latest video:

Use Case Scenarios

Axinom CDS is widely leveraged in the aerospace industry among customers looking to synchronize their content securely and robustly between servers and devices.

In the aerospace industry, Axinom CDS securely delivers the content package (containing any type of digital content) from the on-ground server to the on-board server in the aircraft. The system has the ability to compare content sets with their previous versions and to deliver only the updates. This approach significantly reduces the time needed for content synchronization.


Axinom’s portfolio for the aerospace industry consists of five main components – content management (Axinom CMS), multi-DRM (Axinom DRM), video ingest and processing (Axinom VIP), content delivery (Axinom CDS), and in-flight services (Axinom IFS) – as well as custom on-ground and onboard software and interfaces for IFEC portals.

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Aleksandra Sosun

 Director Aero Business Development