Axinom CDS

Axinom Content Delivery System

Axinom CDS is a Content Delivery System which allows secure and robust bidirectional content synchronization using standardized communication protocols and mediums.

It innovates ways to deliver, pull and synchronize content, data and services intelligently between on ground and on board or home servers allowing a variety of disconnected synchronization scenarios.

Key highlights

Robust and Secure Data Transfer

Axinom CDS is designed to transfer secure data. The product encrypts content reliably and ensures a secure data transfer. It is able to manage disconnection during synchronization of the content, meaning that if content transfer is interrupted, the successfully synchronized part of the content is already usable on board. As soon as the connection is available again, Axinom CDS resumes the synchronization. The product is able to compare content sets and update only the modifications. This allows you to reduce the time needed for synchronization and significantly decrease the amount of data to be transferred.


There is a wide range of capabilities to scale the system. For instance, it is possible to run some components in the cloud as well as on premise, or as a mixture of both at the same time.

Choice of Pipeline

Axinom CDS supports all kind of pipelines for synchronization, i.e. Satellite, 3G/4G, Wifi, or mass-storage devices like USB, SD, SSD, laptop, tablets, etc. Depending on the enabled pipelines, Axinom CDS is capable of switching to another connection type as soon as the preferred connection is not available anymore. Selection of the pipeline is based on content types. For example, you can enable real-time services for news, weather, advertisement, and much more in a disconnected environment.


The whole architecture supports bidirectional content delivery. The Backchannel can handle any kind of content that is generated On-board or Home Server, like system health data, log files, payment data, etc. This data will be further presented in the statistics section of the content management system.

Any Type of Content

There is no limitation on the types of content and data that can be synchronized – it can be media content like movies, live streams, newspapers, music, etc., but also heartbeat data, passenger data, reporting data, purchase orders and payments, shop items, advertisement and much more.

Axinom CDS is able to handle content prepared by Axinom CMS or any other content management system.

Use Case Scenarios

Axinom CDS can be leveraged in any environment with a need to synchronize content securely and robustly between servers and devices. Use cases cover Smart Sky, Smart Road (transportation environments) and Smart Home scenarios.

In transportation environments, Axinom CDS securely delivers the content package (containing any type of digital content) from the on-ground server to the on-board server of the moving vehicle. It is capable of handling various aspects that are important during this process: CDS compares the content set with previous versions and delivers only the updates. This approach significantly reduces the time needed for content synchronization.

In a Smart Home environment, where many different devices are connected together and exchange data, devices like set-top boxes or routers can serve as a Home Server. With Axinom CDS, it is possible to add smart mechanisms to the setup of multiple devices. It allows media companies and telcos to enhance their service offerings, enable personalized services, and increase the efficiency of content delivery.

Together with Axinom CDS, we offer four core products – Axinom CMS, Axinom DRM, Axinom VIP as a core base to create digital platforms for any industry scenario (from media & entertainment to moving industries).

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Aleksandra Sosun

 Director Axinom Products – Content Management & Delivery