Axinom FE SDK

Frontend SDK

The Axinom Frontend SDK is the perfect fit for customers who are using the Axinom backend of DRM, BIS or IFS. It allows for a simpler integration of these services in your frontend application. The Axinom Frontend SDK consists of various libraries focused on different aspects of most media frontend applications. A customer can pick and choose the parts that are needed by the application on a per-library base.

Included libraries

Player Library

Video playback integrating well-known players (like ExoPlayer on Android, Google Widevine player on iOS or DashJS player on the web), encapsulating logic like the integration of Axinom DRM and exposing its functions in an easy to use API

Feeds Library

Accessing catalogue content and other content published using Axinom CMS and distributed by Axinom Media Server through an easy to use API

Reporting Library

Sending tracking data or other metrics from the frontend to the Axinom Media Server for further processing

The Axinom Frontend SDK package consists of the following parts:

  • Player, Feeds and Reporting library – compiled binaries that can be used by a customer application
  • Documentation – Interface/API documentation as well as integration guides
  • Sample – a full-flexed demo application (Catalogue, Search, Detail Pages, Playback) built using Axinom Player SDK. Sample implementation provided as source code.

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