Axinom IFS

In-Flight Services

Axinom IFS (In-Flight Services) is a crucial component of the IFEC (In-flight Entertainment and Connectivity) system that queries, filters, verifies and streams the content to the client applications on passengers’ devices.

Axinom IFS acts as the middleware and helps client apps in receiving different types of content, such as VOD content libraries, Live TV channels, advertisements, payment gateways and merchant information, monetization and content reporting, software maintenance updates and more.

In offline environments, Axinom IFS can provide the following and even more to client applications:

  • Content catalog of all the content (movies, TV shows, audio albums, E-books), together with menu and search options
  • Streaming (VOD and live TV cache)
  • In-flight connectivity portal data, with prepositioning, entitlements, pricing rules and more
  • Users’ management features with authentication, login and purchase information
  • Payment gateways and merchant information, be it VOD purchase, shop or bistro
  • Advertisement management, with campaigns, images, banners, videos and more
  • Reporting, as is set by the project (errors, heartbeat, telemetry, ads usage, DRM licenses, content usage, etc.)
  • Entitlements – content rules, information on origin and destination, allowed devices, validity dates
  • Software maintenance and update, with settings, Docker, DRM keys, HTML apps, etc.
  • For the in-seat devices and other apps – in-seat control, crew GUI, avionics, configurations and settings
  • Content synchronization information

Key highlights

Stable and Self-maintainable

Axinom IFS is a stable and self-maintainable solution that can run for years without external maintenance

High Performer

Components can run on less powerful hardware if required by circumstances but can still serve hundreds of passengers over half-duplex Wi-Fi network.

Offline Capability

Axinom IFS can work with no/limited internet access (Satcom, 3G).


In-flight services run on a single box on the plane or premises.

Manageable & Configurable

Easy to deploy and/or swap the box during the maintenance window, making it easy for the crew to operate it.


Access to sensitive content is well protected with Axinom IFS.

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