Multi-DRM preview

Get a sneak peek at the simplicity of the multi-DRM approach in modern browsers. Our public preview enables you to create your own multi-DRM protected video and play it back using a freely available player.

2015 is the a year when multi-DRM becomes the new standard to enable premium content protection and delivery to a wide variety of platforms. Axinom is investing heavily into a new generation of DRM services which are built from the ground up to support multiple DRM technologies behind one API and enable easy extension to a large number of DRM technologies.

In the summer of 2015, Microsoft will end the support for Windows Media DRM and the Chrome browser has already dropped support for Silverlight – these movements push everybody to adopt multi-DRM even faster to not fall behind and lose access to potential customers around the world. We want to give you a first feeling of how multi-DRM works and by which means you can also enable it in your current infrastructure.

When downloading the following preview document, you will get a straightforward guide for how to create and play video content with the Common Encryption standard that enables multi-DRM. Licenses are served by our PlayReady and Widevine license servers. We make use of freely available tools and player in this preview so you are welcome to download them and test the functionality directly. Our team is also more than happy to answer any questions you may come up with during the exploration process.

We hope this quick start guide gives you a nice introduction to the world of multi-DRM and enables you to be well prepared to deploy a solution using Axinom DRM in the near future.

Please fill the below form to access the multi-DRM public preview service. You will receive a document outlining the steps required to implement a multi-DRM proof of concept.

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Note that access to the public preview may be revoked at any time! Contact Axinom if you need any permanent demonstration capabilities.

The quick start documentation is provided “as-is” and any information contained within may change without notice. Axinom does not guarantee the accuracy of the content.