P2P-assisted delivery

Axinom in combination with a technology partner enables you to use DRM while at the same time increasing QoE and reducing CDN costs using peer-to-peer content delivery

Viblast provides peer-to-peer (P2P) delivery capability for live and on-demand video content, enabling large-scale (high-concurrency) deployments at reduced cost. Unlike traditional scenarios where a content delivery network (CDN) serves all end-users, this technology enables content to be seamlessly delivered from one viewer to another, reducing the overall bandwidth usage from your CDN. Besides the inherent cost-optimization, this method allows for higher bitrate streams to be delivered with no extra strain to the infrastructure.

The Viblast technology is compatible with Axinom DRM and integrates into many moderns browsers without the need for plugins. By combining peer-to-peer video delivery and multi-DRM, significant optimization and cost-savings can be achieved in modern premium video solutions.

Video by Gorilla. CDN by Level3.

This showcase is compatible with the latest versions of Internet Explorer and Chrome.