Rockwell Collins introduced Stage content service

Rockwell Collins introduced Stage content service
20.03.2016 Damir Tomicic

Cloud-based content management makes updates easy for flight departments

In a move to address the growing demand for abundant, easy-to-load onboard entertainment and information, Rockwell Collins introduced StageSMcontent service—an airworthy, subscription-based media streaming solution for corporate and private aircraft.

Stage is a total content delivery solution from Rockwell Collins that enables up to 70 passengers to stream media, including Hollywood digital rights management (DRM)-protected movies and TV shows, to their personal devices from an easy-to-refresh, robust onboard server through wireless access points. Content is selected by flight departments from an intuitive, frequently updated cloud-based media catalog. The selected content can then be loaded on the aircraft server in a variety of ways, including both physical and wireless.

Stage apps for iOS and Android tablets and smartphones are available from their respective online stores and in addition, the Android Stage app is available on the cabin server for download without an Internet connection. Stage content can also be accessed via web browsers on tablets without the app, including Chrome.

Rockwell Collins licenses content for Stage from leading Hollywood studios and other content owners. Personal, non-DRM content can be uploaded to the Stage cloud and made available for passengers to stream.