SmartRail 2015 Report

October 2015, Charlotte, NC, USA

SmartRail 2015 Report
09.11.2015 Sara Pepic

From October 28th to 29th in Charlotte, NC, Axinom exhibited at this year´s SmartRail Expo. It is the place to be for everyone interested in latest technology innovations and the brightest new ideas for the future of SmartRail. This leading industry event for the railway industry reveals insights of how the industry has changed, and continues to change.

Building the future of SmartRail

Axinom solutions help customers to serve the needs and demands of the 21st century passenger with an appropriate IT infrastructure and cutting edge software solutions for the next generation of in-train-entertainment, infotainment and connectivity products.

Axinom team showcased our service portfolio (consulting, architecture, software development, and operating services) and the targeted products for digital rights management, content and asset management, synchronization and delivery.

The key industry players enjoyed both business and technical insights in our latest products Axinom CMS, Axinom DRM and Axinom CDS.

Axinom CMS is a development platform that covers full end-to-end media workflow with an extensible development platform for service providers interested in building the next generation of platforms and customers solutions for management and delivery of premium live and on-demand video in trains. It allows providers to build solutions for management, DRM protection and delivery of digital media assets to any consumer device at home and in motion.

Axinom DRM enables customers to target a wide range of platforms with a single service by simultaneously supporting multiple DRM technologies (Microsoft PlayReady, Google Widevine and Apple Fairplay).

Axinom CDS allows secure and robust bidirectional content synchronisation using standardised communication protocols and mediums. Our CDS updates only the modified files, not the whole content.


NC at its best – busy, but we enjoyed it!

Charlotte is a dynamic city with perfect American urban style, nice parks, clean streets and seems pretty safe. Axinom team had a chance to spend two evenings in the Downtown with very nice and friendly people of Charlotte. There is a lot of good food and nice restaurants nearby. The musicians playing just for us made this event the one to remember.

Alongside a busy exhibition area with representatives from across the industry, product showcases and contact signings, we had a lot of fun. Two busy days were rounded off by the always popular end buffet!

After Expo is Before Expo

We’d like to express our gratitude to all the visitors that came on our booth to discover Axinom CMS, Axinom DRM and Axinom CDS solutions or simply enjoy a discussion.

See you at the next SmartRail expo!