The Future of Home Entertainment

The Age of Axinom

The Future of Home Entertainment
25.01.2016 Sara Pepic

Digital entertainment today is a highly personalized experience that changes the ways in which consumers interact with different forms of digital content. Consumers have the ability to watch broadcast TV, access video content on-demand, play games, and store media collections, without leaving their homes. 2016 will bring 4K TVs into our homes, and UHD content will be loaded up online and on physical media. As a result, robust security will become even more important, especially for premium Hollywood content.


Axinom products enable service providers to deliver high quality content seamlessly to all screens and devices.

By using Axinom Digital Rights Management System (DRM) publishers are empowered to license a wide range of 4K Hollywood premium content to a variety of consumer devices. Axinom DRM 6 with PlayReady 3.0 support, ensures the delivery of all types of premium content and services to the variety of consumer devices in a secure and robust way, requested by the Hollywood studios.

Axinom Content Management System (CMS) allows publishers to deliver of digital media assets to any consumer device at home and in motion. Axinom CMS is fully customizable and adaptable to individual requirements, with workflows provided in source code, enabling publishers to fully adapt and extend the platform to meet their consumer’s needs and requirements.

Axinom Content Delivery System (CDS) allows incremental, secure, and robust bidirectional content synchronisation using standardised communication protocols and mediums.