The Power Of Intelligent Synchronization

Axinom CDS enables a new digital flight experience

The Power Of Intelligent Synchronization
06.12.2016 Sara Pepic

The world outside of an aircraft is getting more and more connected. As the Internet expands into a variety of new usage scenarios and the volume of collected data increases drastically, the need for devices, aircraft and places to communicate and to exchange content reliably and securely has never been greater.

The crew members and passengers no longer feel disconnected. Their digital flight experience start at home and continue during and after flight no matter which personal or airline-owned device they use.

Improved digital experience and increased passenger demand on-board of an aircraft require airlines to keep content (audio and video files, magazines, games, shop items, etc.), and services (electronic flight bags, passenger data, purchase orders, etc.) continuously up-to-date.

To keep the innovation pace high, airlines implement solutions to improve the partially manual, costly and time-intensive content update process and to simplify the complexity of IT infrastructure on-board.


Picture: Axinom CDS allows airlines to connect the worlds inside and outside of an aircraft and to use all possible synchronization ways such as cellular 3G/4G/5G networks, wireless internet access, satellite distribution, and physical storage devices like USB and SSD.

Simplifying the complexity of IT infrastructure on-board


Axinom Content Delivery System (CDS) is the first full-featured synchronization solution in the worldwide aerospace market that enables both fully automatized connected and disconnected synchronization scenarios. Based on industry-standards, it fulfils the highest requirements regarding security and reliability.

Axinom CDS significantly simplifies certification processes by providing standard building blocks and proven best practices.

It enables automatized connected and disconnected synchronization between on-ground and on-board systems over:

  • cellular 3G/4G/5G networks,
  • wireless internet and satellite distribution, and
  • physical storage devices like USB and SSD.

Thanks to Axinom CDS, the crew is prepared for the flight by having access to the latest and most important content and service updates on their mobile devices wherever they are.

The passengers get the latest news updates, fresh audio and video content, and enjoy a variety of personalized services on-board of the aircraft.

The airlines are empowered to innovate on top of open synchronization platform by introducing new services and generating ancillary revenues. Some examples might include smart seats with integrated payment gateways (e.g. NFC) or smart supply-chain for on-board food and beverage retail.

Axinom CDS empowers crew members to automatically pull the latest content and service packages for the upcoming flight using the Sync App on their mobile devices while staying in a hotel or at the airport. During the flight in a disconnected environment on-board, the Sync App automatically connects to the on-board server using wireless connection to synchronize and automatically distribute the content and service packages without the need for crew to touch any on-board device.

Customers can prioritize data transfer based on a number of factors, including content type, size, and cost of the transport channel. For example, they can avoid sending big content updates over an expensive satellite link or make sure latest news always get transferred first, no matter what pipe is used.

Axinom CDS lead digital innovation in the aerospace industry by providing airlines with innovative ways to simplify and optimize content and service synchronization while improving reliability and security.

With Axinom CDS we enable a new digital flight experience.

Axinom CDS is able to handle content prepared by Axinom CMS or any other content management system.

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