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TV Connect 2017
13.03.2017 Sara Pepic

Online Video Platforms built on Axinom

TV Connect is the world’s leading event in connected entertainment which brings together a unique mix of leaders in OTT TV, pay-TV, broadcast, cable, broadband and telco, with leading technology providers from all around the world to meet, network and discuss the future of connected TV entertainment. The exhibition shows the latest technologies from network solution providers, in addition to content management solutions, middleware and gateways to quality and security improvements.

Make sure to meet us at TV Connect 2017 in London – March 28th-30th.

Discover Axinom CMS for media service providers

Axinom Content Management System (CMS) covers the full end-to-end OTT media workflow with an extensible OTT development platform. The building blocks span media ingest and encoding, asset and meta data management, catalogue and product management, e-commerce, advertising, customer management and secure multi-channel delivery to all kind of client devices. The system supports both cloud-based and on premise IT infrastructures for a wide set of usage scenarios.

With our OTT development platform approach, we target media vendors and service providers interested in building the next generation of online video platforms and customer solutions for management and delivery of premium live and on-demand video. However, thanks to the predefined workflows and the rich feature set Axinom CMS is also the perfect fit for media companies (broadcasters, content providers, and brands) interested in improving theirs operational excellence in the same space.

Multi-DRM with Apple FairPlay DRM

Axinom Digital Rights Management (DRM) enables customers to target a wide range of client OS platforms with a single service by simultaneously supporting multiple DRM technologies. It is built from the ground up to target multiple DRM technologies in a uniform manner, enabling customers to target a wide range of platforms. Content protected with Axinom DRM can be consumed on the vast majority of consumer devices like PCs and Macs, iPads, iPhones, Android devices, Windows Phones, as well as Smart TVs, set top boxes, and game consoles.

Our multi-DRM service supports Google Widevine, Microsoft PlayReady, and Apple FairPlay Streaming behind a unified API.

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Stefanie Schuster

Business Development

Video Ingest and Processing

By leveraging Axinom’s competence in players field, and Axinom VIP (Video Ingest and Processing), which goes hand in hand with Axinom DRM,  it is easier to fine tune any part of the content and make it accessible on many platforms. Axinom VIP reduces technical challenges related to content preparation and distribution and ensures compatibility and good playback quality on many devices. Axinom VIP considerably speeds up your content updates which lead to a faster time-to-market with reduced costs. Cloud deployment allows virtually unlimited resources for processing movies only when you really need it – no more paying for underused servers. For on-premises needs, Axinom VIP can run also offline. VIP covers the whole content processing workflow, focusing on security and seamless integration with CSP-s, CMS and any other component in the system, enabling high level of automation. With VIP you are ready to bring Hollywood blockbusters to your service with reduced efforts. Axinom VIP believes in one format for all platforms. Together with different players, we bring MPEG-DASH to the most important devices reducing the need for various container formats and DRM systems. Hand in hand with Axinom DRM and by leveraging Axinom’s competence on the player side of the chain we enable full secure content delivery logic from content provider’s storage to the end-user’s device.

Smart Synchronization

The lack of connectivity and the quality of the connection is one of the main issues to be solved in the BYOD scenario. Server. People usually have several mobile devices, which they use to consume media content on both at home and outside the home. Axinom Content Delivery System (CDS) allows secure and robust bidirectional content synchronisation using standardized communication protocols and mediums. With Axinom CDS, it is possible to add smart mechanisms to the setup of multiple devices. This approach allows media companies and telcos to enhance their service offerings, enable personalized services, and increase the efficiency of content delivery. In addition, it is possible to control which part of the content is available where and when and for which user, and how this content is being synchronized between the different devices. For


All Axinom products expose a comprehensive API which enables providers to build their own solutions on top and to interact with 3rd party systems (ERP, recommendation engines, content provider and post production studios).