WWDC 2017: Axinom DRM ready to serve iOS 11 and High Sierra platforms with HEVC video

At the yearly Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2017, Apple presented updates of its breakthrough platform technologies

WWDC 2017: Axinom DRM ready to serve iOS 11 and High Sierra platforms with HEVC video
09.06.2017 Sara Pepic

Time after time, Apple has revolutionized the way we look and interact with technology. It has transformed entire industries, created new kinds of computing and made many remarkable developments.
The yearly Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is the place where the company typically introduces upcoming software and occasionally new hardware developments.
Considering the announcements from this year´s WWDC held in San Jose (5-9 June), there is some good news for HEVC and fMP4.

As we at Axinom deal a lot with streaming video and digital rights management (DRM), here is our take on the information presented during WWDC Session 504, “Advances in HTTP Live Streaming,” held by Roger Pantos, the original author of the HLS specification, and Anil Katti, both AV Foundation engineers.

Axinom DRM at the forefront of breakthrough development: ready to serve iOS 11 and High Sierra platforms with HEVC video

Firstly, no doubt that Apple’s support for HEVC will make this codec finally mainstream – there are just so many devices on the market which now receive HEVC decoding capabilities – at least on the software level – that this can’t go unnoticed anymore. As it brings greater efficiency regarding encoding and allows better streaming quality on lower bitrates then we think it is definitely good news – especially when looking forward to growing amount of 4K streaming services where saving bandwidth is one of the major topics. As soon as iOS 11 and High Sierra start rolling out, we are ready to serve those platforms with HEVC video.

Concerning FPS there weren’t exactly breaking news (CTR mode support) but FPS keeps evolving together with HLS.

Axinom DRM has had support for it for some time now and you can already today make use of e.g. HEVC+FPS content with us.

But we´ll surely take an even closer look at the FPS update to see if we should implement any additional features – like the possibility to set different expiration times for playback and storage in case of offline licenses. What is definitely interesting to see is how Apple understands the issue of live content and key rotation. We agree that the solution they propose on client side – to spread the load over a longer time by requesting keys proactively – is definitely one reasonable approach to tackle this issue.

If you want to discuss these announcements in more detail and understand how it influences your business then feel free to get in touch with us at any time!

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