ZDFmediathek 2016 Relaunch

The best content provided in the best quality and user experience on all devices

ZDFmediathek 2016 Relaunch
01.12.2016 Damir Tomicic

Axinom collaborated with ZDF on 2016 relaunch of the successful streaming portal ZDFmediathek

Germany’s oldest and the most successful public live and video-on-demand streaming portal ZDFmediathek grew from 1 million in 2007 to 45 million monthly visits today. Already more than 35 percent of all visitors enjoy ZDFmediathek on mobile devices where SmartTV users account for 7 to 9 percent of all viewers.

The main focus of ZDF is self-evident in the new ZDFmediathek: the best content provided in the best quality and user experience on all devicesStarting October 28, ZDFmediathek appears with new design, richer feature set, personal recommendations and significantly improved user experience on all devices.

Source: ZDF

ZDF And Axinom: Long-Term Partnership

Since the very first launch of ZDFmediathek back in 2007, ZDF and Axinom developed a trustful and successful long-term collaboration and partnership. Apart from providing cutting-edge apps for standard distribution channels on PC and mobile devices and consulting on cross-platform strategy from technological point of view, Axinom helped ZDF to expand its offering to the Xbox game console and provide a glimpse of the interactive TV future. 


Source: ZDF

Digital Platforms Built On Axinom

All Axinom products (Axinom DRM, Axinom CMS, and Axinom CDS) have a strong emphasis on reliability, scalability, performance, and quality.

This is the reason why the solutions built on top of Axinom’s know-how secure a significant competitive advantage for our partners and customers. This is also the reason why both Axinom and our partners have successful long-term relationships with our customers.

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